Detective Pikachu Returns: How to Find the Missing Lillipup in The Missing Jewel


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In the first Detective Pikachu Returns case, The Missing Jewel, you’re approached by a frantic woman who has lost her partner Pokemon, Lillipup. While solving what happened to a stolen gemstone is important, saving a doggo is the bigger priority here, obviously. Here’s how to find the missing Lillipup and complete the Local Concern in Detective Pikachu 2.

How to Find the Missing Lillipup in Detective Pikachu 2 – Exact Location

To find the lost Lillipup, head left from the Denis Mansion until you get into the city. After entering, you’ll see a concession stand with a Watchog by it. Look slightly north of here to find a Trubbish standing at the entrance to an alleyway. Walk toward the Pokemon, and it will run off into the Back Alley.

Follow it and enter the Back Alley. While it may be tempting to chase the Trubbish, you can ignore it for now. Turn left once you’re in the alley, and you’ll see Lillipup standing by a lamppost and some barrels and benches.

Interact with the missing Lillipup, and it will tell Detective Pikachu it was playing and got lost. Aw. Tim will go and find the Pokemon’s owner and reunite the two. Case solved!

Do You Get Any Rewards for Finding the Missing Lillipup?

Unfortunately, no. The only “reward” you get for solving the case of the lost Lillipup is the satisfaction of knowing that the dog Pokemon doesn’t have to spend a night on the streets of Ryme City. You’re given nothing except words of gratitude in return for reuniting the pup with its owner.

If you somehow missed the missing Lillipup and want to go back to save it, you can replay The Missing Jewel case by using the Story Jump Mode in Detective Pikachu 2.

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