Destiny 2 Update Full Patch Notes Listed – July 26 2023

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Another Tuesday means another update when it comes to Destiny 2 players. Bungie has released a short update for Destiny 2, which is available right now. It’s not a big update, but it’s a useful patch nonetheless. Here are the July 26 patch notes for Destiny 2 version

What’s New in Destiny 2 July 26 Update

In, Bungie has made some tweaks pertaining to activities in the game, as well as some gameplay and investment changes. Without further ado, let’s jump in:

Activities in Destiny 2 July 26, 2023 Update


  • Join In Progress has been enabled for Deep Dive activities during gameplay sections of activities.


  • Fixed the number of surges/skulls applied to multiple Vanguard Ops Playlist activities & Seasonal activities.
  • Experience is now properly being awarded for Weapon Crafting via the Solstice Bonfire activity.
  • Player progression in Solstice is no longer blocked by completing the Kindling objective early.

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Gameplay and Investment Changes in Destiny 2 Update


  • Fixed an issue with Utility Kickstart that was allowing more class ability energy to be gained than intended.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to cancel the activation of their Super by picking up a Diamond Lance during cast causing them to regain ability energy.

General Changes in Destiny 2 Update

  • Fixed an issue where people launchers would repeatedly play their SFX.
  • Clarified the objective text for Week 5 Seasonal Challenge “Battle Rhythm” — must earn progress in Ritual activities specifically.

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