While we're all winding down when it comes to the Season of Dawn in Destiny 2, it looks like Bungie is wanting to end things on a high note by throwing us headfirst into all that activity around the Empyrean Foundation so that we're prepped for what comes next. The event has just kicked off, so if you're milling around the Tower Obelisk right now, we don't blame you. However, before you give those pesky obelisks all of your time and energy, why not knock out the Destiny 2 Savior title with our Secret Triumphs list?

Destiny 2 Savior Title Secret Triumphs List

The Savior Title is something that you're going to want to get your hands on if you fancy yourself a collector, and also if you just want to look like a boss. There's just something really satisfying about flexing on everyone else for having had the sheer time and ability to tick off every item on Destiny 2's absurdly long seasonal title checklists, so go off. We've listed the Secret Triumphs that are required for the Savior title below:

  • Bastion -- Acquire the Exotic Fusion Rifle, Bastion.
  • Devil's Ruin -- Travel to Twilight Gap and collect the materials required to repair Devil's Ruin.
  • EDZ Resonance -- Increase the Resonance Rank of the EDZ Obelisk. (Rank 10)
  • Flayer Slayer -- Defeat each of the Psion Flayers found within the Sundial. (Ozletc, Tazaroc, Niruul)
  • Global Resonance -- Increase the Resonance Rank of any obelisks. (Total of 40 between any Obelisks)
  • Inotam's Ruin -- Defeat Inotam, Oblivion's Triune, within the Sundial.
  • Legendary Psion -- Defeat Inotam, Oblivion's Triune, on Legend difficulty or higher.
  • Link Repair -- Repair each of the fractured links found on the Tower Obelisk.
  • Mars Resonance -- Increase the Resonance Rank of the Mars Obelisk. (Rank 10)
  • Nessus Resonance -- Increase the Resonance Rank of the Nessus Obelisk. ((Rank 10)
  • Race Through Time -- Complete the Sundial within a set amount of time.
  • Saintly Savior -- Save Saint-14 from the Infinite Forest.
  • Season of Dawn Badge -- Obtain the Season of Dawn badge.
  • Tangled Shore Resonance -- Increase the Resonance Rank of the Tangled Shore Obelisk. (Rank 10)
  • Torch-Bearer -- Complete the Empyrean Restoration effort and light the beacon. This is done by donating 5000 Polarized Fractaline to the Empyrean Foundation before the Season ends.
  • Undefeatable -- Complete a run of the Sundial without dying.

Now that you've got our full list of the Destiny 2 Savior title Secret Triumphs as well as our tips on how to get them, you shouldn't be all that far away from picking up said title for yourself.. Need a hand with anything else as you're kicking around being a Guardian? Check out these other tips and tricks that we've put together for your benefit: