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Destiny 2: King’s Fall Loot Table (2023)

Time to pay Oryx a visit

by Daphne Fama

Destiny 2 is a looter-shooter that has you, a Guardian chosen by a giant ping bong ball, fighting against the Darkness. It’s a lofty task and many of the direst and challenging moments of this quest to conquer the Dark take place in Raids. King’s Fall is one of those Raids.

King’s Fall was originally released for Destiny 1 in 2015 but was brought back in late 2022. Guardians, both old vanguard and New Lights, have the opportunity to experience this classic Raid, albeit with a few new mechanics. But the six encounters and their associated chests remain the same.

If you’re curious to see if those chests are worth it, here is the loot table for all six encounters. Note that all chests can drop either one weapon or one armor.  

Destiny 2: King’s Fall Loot Table (2023)

GateTotemsWar PriestsGolgorothDaughtersOryx
Doom of Chelchis (Legendary Scout Rifle)Doom of Chelchis (Legendary Scout Rifle)Smite of Merian (Legendary Pulse Rifle)Doom of Chelchis (Legendary Scout Rifle)Doom of Chelchis (Legendary Scout Rifle)Touch of Malice (Exotic Scout Rifle)
Qullim’s Terminus (Legendary Machine Gun)Qullim’s Terminus (Legendary Machine Gun)Defiance of Yasmin (Legendary Sniper Rifle)­Zaouli’s Bane (Legendary Hand Cannon)Smite of Merian (Legendary Pulse Rifle)Random Weapon (Any Legendary Weapon from encounter chests)
Class AmorChest ArmorQullim’s Terminus (Legendary Machine Gun)Midha’s Reckoning (Legendary Fusion Rifle)­Zaouli’s Bane (Legendary Hand Cannon)Random (any raid exclusive amor piece from class set)
 Leg ArmorGauntletsQullim’s Terminus (Legendary Machine Gun)Defiance of Yasmin (Legendary Sniper Rifle) 
  Chest ArmorHelmetGauntlets 
   Leg ArmorChest Armor 

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The possible armor set drops for each class are:

Warlock – Worm God Suit

  • Head Armor – Mouth of Ur
  • Gauntlets – Grasp of Eir
  • Chest Armor – Chasm of Yul
  • Leg Armor – Path of Xol
  • Class Armor – Bond of the Wormlore

Titan – War Numen’s Suit

  • Head Armor – War Numen’s Crown
  • Gauntlets – War Numen’s Fist
  • Chest Armor – War Numen’s Chest
  • Leg Armor – War Numen’s Boots
  • Class Armor – War Numen’s Mark

Hunter – Darkhollow Suit

  • Head Armor – Darkhollow Mask
  • Gauntlets – Darkhollow Grasps
  • Chest Armor – Darkhollow Vest
  • Leg Armor – Darkhollow Strides
  • Class Armor – Darkhollow Cloak

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