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Depths of Illusive Realm Event in Wuthering Waves, Explained

Gain rewards!

Wuthering Waves’ Depths of Illusive Realm event is an exclusive mode currently available within the game and players can participate for some crazy rewards. It does require players to have some strong characters available, but the rewards are too great to be avoided. Here’s everything you need to know about the Depths of Illusive Realm event in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves Depths of Illusive Realm Event Breakdown

The Depths of Illusive Realm event is basically a roguelike spin-off mode where players can participate in challenges and gain rewards. It’s pretty straightforward, and the hardest challenge you’ll actually encounter is just having enough patience to sit through hours of challenges since you’ll be able to get through the entire event by playing and ramping up power over time.

How to Unlock Depths of Illusive Realm Event

If you want to participate in this event, you’ll first need to reach Union Level 17. We’ve already written a comprehensive guide on how to achieve that, but once you do reach that requirement, you should immediately gain access to the Depths of Illusive Realm event. You just need to travel to the place where you can access the event.

How to Participate in The Depths of Illusive Realm Event

The Somnoire, also known as the interdimensional realm where you’ll start your journey throughout this event is located in the Whining Aix’s Mire. You’ll know you’re at the right place when you see a magical door out in the open. Simply talk to the character outside of the door to gain access to the event, and you should be able to dive right in. Just make sure you have characters that are level 40 and above, so it’s a little easier to get through the challenges that lie ahead.

How to Play and Win in The Depths of Illusive Realm Event

This event will take you on a ride that’ll feel pretty challenging at first, but as you continuously try to beat stages and monsters and unlock new perks while upgrading current ones, things will get a lot easier. This is a mode where you need to consistently play to unlock stuff that makes you stronger, so don’t be surprised if you fail on your first try. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to participate in the event and what you’ll need to do to succeed.

  1. Pick your character. Once you’ve entered the Somnoire and you’re ready to start your first Realm Challenge, you must pick a character to fight with. You can use your own character or pick one of the trial characters available.
  2. Choose your Echo. After picking a character, you’ll get to choose between two Echoes which will offer some support and power in the Realm Challenge. You can enhance these Echoes later on, but make sure to pick one that works well with your chosen character. From here, you’ll start encountering various monster battles and rest points throughout the Realm Challenge.
  3. Upgrade stuff. You’ll occasionally run into points where you can upgrade your chosen character’s stats or ability or enhance your Echo with a certain Metaphor. Metaphors are essentially buff items you can apply to your Echo to make them stronger. You can also complete Memory Challenges to obtain Metaphors or purchase them directly from a merchant within the Realm Challenge itself.
  4. Memory Challenges. Memory Challenges are activities you can pick and finish for the chance to obtain more Metaphors to upgrade your Echo. There are so many different kinds of Memory Challenges that feature their own conditions and unique monsters, so expect a good fight.
  5. Purchase Items. Eventually, you’ll encounter a resting room where you can heal and purchase items from a merchant using the resources you collected known as Dream Fragments. You can purchase Metaphors and many other useful items from this merchant.
  6. Final Stage. After all of this, you’ll encounter the last stage of the Realm Challenge where you must defeat the final boss. After you’ve successfully beaten the boss, you’ll get rewards and return to where you started.
  7. Prepare and repeat. If you’re struggling to get through Realm Challenges, you can use the Memory Points you obtained from previous runs in the Thought Evolution system to acquire permanent buffs to improve your next attempt. Once you’ve prepared yourself, you can repeat this entire process over and over again for more rewards. There are five difficulty levels that all become increasingly harder to get through but contain more rewards for players to collect. You can participate in any of these levels after completing the previous difficulty.

And that’s basically everything you need to know about Wuthering Waves’ Depths of Illusive Realm event. If you don’t have strong characters or maybe you could use more power, feel free to read some of our helpful guides on Prima Games. We’ve got a step-by-step preview on how to get a free five-star weapon, and how to get over 50 free Lustrous Tides so you can pull for characters like Calcharo and Encore.

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