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How to Farm Exp and Increase Union Levels in Wuthering Waves

Level up!

Since Wuthering Waves launched, players have been dedicating dozens of hours to farming resources, completing achievements and quests, and grinding upgrades for their characters, but there’s one constant challenge every player encounters and that’s increasing Union Levels. Here’s how to farm exp and increase Union Levels in Wuthering Waves.

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How to Farm Exp and Increase Union Levels in Wuthering Waves

The only way you’ll ever be able to enjoy everything Wuthering Waves has to offer like end-game bosses and activities is by increasing your Union Level. And it’s much more complex than just following the game and doing the main quest line. You need to completely utilize every tool and activity to your disposal to effectively and efficiently increase your Union Level because there’s nothing more tedious than grinding in an open-world game. Well, at least for hours on end, of course.

Here’s a list of every significant activity you can do to increase your Union Level fast, so you can start enjoying Wuthering Waves even more.

  • Complete main quests, side quests, daily quests, and companion quests.
  • Complete simulation training tests.
  • Explore areas for chests, challenges, puzzles, and resonance structures.
  • Battle world bosses and other major enemies across the map.

What are Union Levels in Wuthering Waves?

Unions Levels are basically another name for account levels and they function similarly to every other action role-playing game like Genshin Impact or Honkai: Star Rail that contains a leveling system. The higher your Union Level, the stronger and more experienced you are in Wuthering Waves. On top of that, increasing your Union Level allows you to unlock various features like Convenes, Side Quests, Commissions, Event Challenges, and more interesting stuff.

And that’s a straightforward explanation of what Union Levels are in Wuthering Waves and how you can efficiently increase them swiftly in-game. Feel free to read our guide on how to obtain 50 free Lustrous Tides in Wuthering Waves because it directly correlates to farming Union Levels and might be an interesting read for anyone who wants to get new characters while grinding levels.

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