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Dead Space Remake Update 1.03 Full Patch Notes Listed

PS5 and PC players rejoice!

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake has officially launched the 1.03 update on several platforms, so here’s the full list of changes and fixes with this patch. Being that this is the first update since the game’s launch a few days ago, you shouldn’t go in expecting any extravagant list of updates. The team hasn’t had time to fix every issue with the game and is merely trying to get the most detrimental problems out of the way. To that end, some PC and PlayStation 5 players will have some good news today. Here’s everything new with Dead Space Remake in its 1.03 update!

Update 1.03 for Dead Space Remake Detailed

While the team hasn’t posted any official patch notes on the game’s Steam or PlayStation pages, the team had a few things to say in a Reddit post on the official r/DeadSpace subreddit. Many of the graphical issues that have been causing players issues have been fixed, namely on Steam, Origin, and PlayStation 5. These issues were making the game unplayable for many, so it’s great to see things fixed. The patch is also scheduled to hit Xbox platforms later this week.

While that’s all the team had to say, some comments on the Reddit post we mentioned have talked about other fixes the update made. Notably, some darker areas are no longer as blurry or jaggedy as they once were. Certain aspects also appear crisper, namely Isaac’s suit. It doesn’t fix every issue, but as many users have pointed out, the experience has gone from half-broken to looking like a truly current-gen title.

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As for other issues some are still experiencing, the team promises they’re constantly being updated and are investigating anything to try and take care of it. With that in mind, you shouldn’t expect this to be the last patch the game gets. Soon enough, it will look and play as great as possible.

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