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Dead Silence vs Trophy System in COD MW2 Ranked Play

Know your role.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Ranked Play

On paper, which Field Upgrade you use in Ranked Play should be fairly cut and dry in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You would think that Dead Silence is used for Search and Destroy, while the Trophy system is reserved for modes such as Hardpoint and Control.

However, the use of these Field Upgrades in MW2 can change the match entirely in any mode that you play and the depth goes much further than simply delegating them to a mode. Our Ranked Play guide will go over why you would use either option and the benefits of them in each mode.

COD MW2 Ranked Play – Dead Silence vs Trophy System

Most players in Ranked, especially when they solo queue, will be running Dead Silence on their loadout. On an individual level, it’s the best Field Upgrade in the game, even for Hardpoint and Control. Players who run Dead Silence can run around the map for a short duration and flank enemies attempting to rotate in respawn modes, or holding tough spots in Search and Destroy.

Even in coordinated MW2 teams, Dead Silence will still be used, and it’s by far the best option for Search and Destroy. However, ignoring the Trophy System can cost your team a victory. Just because solo players tend to ignore doesn’t mean it’s not good. In Hardpoint, the Trophy will decide your fate. They are needed to block projectiles and even Cruise Missiles. Without them, the enemy can easily spam equipment to flush you out.

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In Search and Destroy, the Trophy System can be useful on spots like the A Bomb site for Mercado or A Bomb site on Al Bagra. The idea is to block initial projectiles and take control of an angle before the enemy does, and Dead Silence won’t help there. If you really want to win matches, you may be better off running the Trophy System at all times in respawn modes for MW2 Ranked Play to pick up the slack for your team. Dead Silence is the safe bet for SnD, but both can be used. Good luck out there!

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