Dead Island 2: How to Complete The Giant-Slayer

Meat heads meet these fists

The Blue Crab boys are not having a great time. And Alex is losing it with the paranoia that his gym buddies, Moose and Dillon, are hellbent on getting him. And maybe he’s right, because they cracked Bud’s skull open like a grape. It’s up to us to help, so here’s how to complete The Giant-Slayer in Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island 2: How to Complete The Giant-Slayer

If there’s one thing Venice beach is known for, it’s pecs, biceps, and some deep, pre-cancerous tans. And the Crushers Dillon and Moose represent all that to a T. Minus the tans, I guess. They have more of a zombie pallor going on now.

Here’s the quest steps you can expect:

  • Hunt down Moose and Dillon
  • Search the gym
  • Kill ‘em all
  • Check the gym for Moose and Dillon
  • Track down Dillon
  • Check the lot behind Lenny’s
  • Tell Alex his ex-gym buddies are dead for good

1. Hunt down Moose and Dillon

So, first things first. We need to actually find our Crushers. Head South, towards the beach. If you see the police station, you know you’re headed in the right direction.

Keep left, and you’ll eventually see the West Coast Weights Strongman Gym. This is where our meatheads lurk.

2. Search the Gym and Kill ‘em All

Clear out the zombies around the entrance of the gym, to ensure you can tango with the Crushers with no distraction. The zombies aren’t too troublesome, just some walkers, Burning Runners, and Spiky Runners.

3. Check the Gym for Moose and Dillon

Once the last zombie in the gym area is dead, approach the metal gate and press the button.

And… hey! It’s Patton. The guy from the sewer. And Moose! Patton’s managed to somehow take down the massive Crusher and turned it into a puppet. But more importantly, he’s revealed some deeply ominous information about the accelerated evolution of the zombies we keep encountering.

While that seems terrible for humankind, LA, and, well, us, at least we get a cool new mod system. Now, let’s track down the Crusher that’s still kicking around.

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4. Track down Dillon

Leave the gym and head back up the street, following it to the far end. Once you see the donut shop in the distance, expect a few earthquakes and explosions. Go past the burning car, following the road down until you get to an empty lot.

5. Check the lot behind Lenny’s

You’ll see two Bursters near the empty parking lot. Once you do, expect to get jumped by a few Spiked zombies and Riot Gear zombies. Clear them out, then head towards the bright pink ice cream store, Brain Freeze. Which offers Freak Shakes and has the tagline “I scream, you scream!” Fitting.

Head to the right and behind of this ice cream parlor, and you’ll see a garbage can you can climb on top of to get over the fence.

Before you do, I really, really recommend you bring a good gun with you. Perhaps the gun you picked up during the Cold Pork side quest? And to switch your best weapons from fire to… well, anything that’s not fire.

6. Kill Dillon!

Well, that’s sure one way to set up a boss arena.

This is our first encounter with an Inferno Crusher, and what a way to do it. A significant amount of the field is one fire, and it’s a good idea to be wary of the gasoline canisters scattered around the field. These aren’t for your benefit – they’re here to mess up your day.

Fortunately, the flames will dissipate eventually, so skirt around them until they do. If you hit the surrounding fire hydrants, you can accelerate this process. You’ll be mobbed by both Burning Zombies and normal Walkers and Runners, so try to handle the mob as best you can while keeping your distance from Dillion.

Unlike most Crushers, Dillion is capable of igniting you if he lands too many hits. Which can do devastating things to your health pool. Fury isn’t a bad call here, but because it means you’ll be up close and personal with this Crusher, be sure to watch your health and disengage should things get too hot.

But, honestly, a gun is your best option here. While I was fighting, a zombie happened to drop a rare assault carbine. If this happens to you, I highly recommend picking it up immediately and laying all 90 rounds into Dillon. Doing so will save you tactical thought, planning, and timing, as Dillion absolutely melts in the face of bullets.

7. Tell Alex his ex-gym buddies are dead for good

Well, Alex is mournful but he seems relieved it’s all done. And more importantly, he tells you where to go to get to the Serling Hotel while handing you a blueprint. The Rare Melee Cremator Mod! Personally, I think I’ve had enough fire for right now.

Before we head off to the Serling Hotel, make sure you complete the Cold Perk side quest and get some assault shotguns: Dead Island 2: How to Complete Cold Pork.

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