Dead Island 2: How to Complete Cold Pork

They're not going to miss a few guns...

The guys at the Blue Crab are deep into their struggle era, and it’s up to the resident Slayer to help them out. And right now, that means checking out the resident police station, which has gone eerily quiet. Here’s how to complete Cold Pork in Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island 2: How to Complete Cold Pork

If there’s one fact about the zombie apocalypse, it’s that the better weapons you have, the more likely you are to survive. The boys at the Blue Crab seem very well aware of this, and they’ve tasked you with liberating a few guns from the local police department.

After all, after a firefight the night before, it’s likely that the cops won’t need them anymore. Here’s a quick rundown of what we need to do, followed by a more in-depth guide.

  • Break into the police station on the beach
  • Search the police station premises for guns
  • Bring the guns back to the Blue Crab
  • Make Trent’s day

Not too bad!

1. Break into the police station on the beach

Head south from the Blue Crab and you’ll quickly find the Police Station… which is absolutely swarming with undead in uniform. Yeah, the cops really lost out on that fight. Kill them, then head towards the door on the right.

There will be a zombie sitting on the bench, and another zombie waiting to jump scare you in the bathroom.

2. Search the police station premises for guns

If you try to open the door leading into the station, you’ll find that it’s kept closed using a maglock. Fortunately, we can see the maglock panel through the window beside the door. Shuriken it (or whatever), then head into the bathroom.

There on the bathroom wall, above the door, is the second maglock panel. Hit it, and the door will open.

Now that we’re inside, we’ll see Jail Cell 02 on the right. This is the drunk tank, and we’ll need the key. We’ll also need the Police Department Keycard to get further into the station.

Fortunately, both keys are in the reception room right to the left. But be wary, the police officers on the floor are actually zombies.

Grab the keycard on the right wall, on the shelf beneath Notices / Keys. Then snag the Jail Cell 02 key on the desk, right beside the picture of the ultrasound.

Go into the Jail Cell to get attacked by a walker… but also gain access to a Disaster Relief Chest which will pop out a rare weapon. I got an Assault Shotgun I’m very happy about.

Next, use the keycard to step through the door.

In the next room, you’ll find two more fake dead officers on the ground who will then stumble to their feet to try to kill you. They’re easy enough to take out. Once that’s done, turn your sights to the cage, which has another Rare Assault Shotgun, plus a medley of bullets and gunpowder all around it.

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Claim your gun, then grab the Gun Case on the ground. And… yeah! That’s it. No big Apex zombies will chase you down, no explosions, no complications. Just stroll in, knock out a few cops, and claim your rewards.

3. Bring the guns back to the Blue Crab

Once you leave the police station, you’ll likely notice an increase in Shamblers and Walkers, but nothing too catastrophic. Take them out or run past them, then head back to the Blue Crab.

Trent is thrilled to see you. Or he would be, if he even remembered giving you the side quest in the first place. Either way, enjoy your 3,000 XP and $500. Guess he wasn’t a trust fund baby.

Now that that’s done, it might be time to tackle the main quest. Let’s kick in some meatheads: Dead Island 2: How to Complete The Giant-Slayer.

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