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Dead Island 2: How to Complete the Ballad of Rikky Rex

I think the gods could use a little less whiskey at this point

by Daphne Fama

Looks like fetching all those records paid off. Rikky Rex is back, baby. Well… kind of. He’s in need of his axe, aptly called Chopper, and naturally it falls to us to get it. Here’s how to complete The Ballad of Rikky Rex in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2: How to Complete the Ballad of Rikky Rex

Rikky is dead set on returning to the ways of olde, and that means cooking up a soundtrack for the zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, that means we’ll need to head back into the undead streets of LA for another fetch quest.

But it’s worth it, I promise, because the sword waiting for us at the end of the line is an absolute decapitator. Here’s a quick peek into the quest steps we’ll need to complete, followed by an in-depth guide below.

  • Head uphill to Rikky’s to get Chopper
  • Chopper’s upstairs! Rikky said to head up through the kitchen
  • Blast some tunes to draw out Rikky’s bandmate Misha
  • Break up the band!
  • Swipe the kitchen key dropped by Misha
  • There’s the key. Let yourself upstairs to find Chopper
  • Fight your way upstairs!
  • Find Chopper

Bring Rikky’s trusty Chopper back

Yep, that’s quite a few steps. So, let’s jump right into it.

1. Head uphill to Rikky’s to get Chopper

Jump over Rikky’s fence then go south, following the road towards the giant mansion where you first met (and rescued) Jesse. If you’ve visited the house before, you likely encountered zombies way above your level. But now that we’re a little later in the game, you should be able to handle them just fine.

2. Chopper’s upstairs! Rikky said to head up through the kitchen

Go through the gate and follow the path to the very back of the house, where you’ll see the pool. Try to head inside through the open glass door, and you’ll find that the rest of the house is barred off and locked.

Unfortunately, Misha, the singer of Gods and Whiskey, has the key. And naturally, she and the rest of the band are all zombies. We’ll just have to lure them to us.

3. Blast some tunes to draw out Rikky’s bandmate Misha

Head back out the glass door towards the pool and you’ll see that there’s a stage set up with a Gods and Whiskey backdrop. Approach the DJ booth in front of it, then start up the music. And get ready for a huge hoard of zombies.

4. Break up the Band!

In seconds, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a mosh pit of zombies. Each hoard comes with one band member. The first will be the guitar player, then the bass player, then the Drummer (a Crusher), and finally Misha herself (a Screamer).

This is fairly challenging, as you have to keep in the area to prevent the quest from restarting, and the mobs won’t stop spawning. There’s a wet puddle in the middle of the floor that is permanent, which makes it an excellent area to abuse electrical weapons.

Misha also really loves to stand in the puddle. For me, she always stayed close to the water, so it was easy to keep her stunned and taking tick damage. Once she goes down, she’ll drop the key.

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5. There’s the key. Let yourself upstairs to find Chopper

Now that you have the key, return to the living room to unlock the door. You’ll then be in the second section of the house, which is naturally crawling with zombies, including two Bursters. Kick the Bursters to knock them over or use projectiles to make your life a little easier.

6. Find Chopper

Once the floor is clear, head upstairs. You’ll see Rikky’s room right beside the stairs, but naturally it’s locked.

I’m 90% sure that Rikky misspelled his own name

Follow the hall left instead to see a mixing studio. This mixing studio has an audio journal you can pick up, which is very on brand for Rikky, but more importantly it has a glass door that leads to a balcony.

Follow the balcony around to the second bedroom, then out another set of glass doors onto another balcony. Fortunately, this one leads to Rikky room. And Chopper is in the closet. It’s a good-looking guitar!

Grab it and expect a little jump scare.

7. Bring Rikky’s trusty Chopper back

Now that you’ve got Chopper, its time to head back to Rikky’s. But, naturally, there are a few more Apex zombies blocking your way. Primarily a Crusher and Slobberer. Deal with both, then head back up the hill and jump the gate to present the goods to Rikky.

He’ll be thrilled, but more importantly he’ll give you an awesome sword, O-Kami and Whiskey. I love his sword, as it has Agility and Maiming built right in.

But that’s not the only sword available in the Hills. Check out our guide on how to grab another one here: Dead Island 2: How to Complete Clean and Snatch.

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