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Where to Find the Blue Crab Storage Keycard in Dead Island 2

A walkthrough for opening the Blue Crab Grill's locked door in Dead Island 2

by Grant Testa

Approximately midway through Dead Island 2, players will reach Venice Beach and meet some fellow survivors at the Blue Crab Grill. You may (or may not) have noticed a locked door with a security keypad inside the safe haven seafood restaurant, which hides some valuable resources and loot, but can be easily missed. In order to unlock this door, you must find the Blue Crab Storage Keycard, which can be actually be found more quickly compared to many other keys in the game, if you know where to look. Here is a quick walkthrough to unlock the Blue Crab Storage door in Dead Island 2.

How to Open the Blue Crab Storage Door in Dead Island 2

Unlike many other keys in Dead Island 2, the Blue Crab Storage Keycard is not dropped by any of the game’s zombies, but is instead found inside of the Blue Crab Grill, if you know where to look. Start by opening the door to the toilets, which is next to the large crab mural inside of the seafood restaurant.

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Head down the dark stairway and follow the door to the right at the bottom of the stairs.

Downstairs, you will find multiple rooms on the right side, but the Blue Crab Storage Keycard is located on the left behind a closed door.

Inside the dark room you will see a glowing light in the dark room, this is the Blue Crab Storage Keycard! It is found next to a dead body by a wall vandalized with some inappropriate doodles.

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Head back upstairs and use the keycard to open the door, where you will find a room stocked with resources, such as medkits and crafting items, as well as a rare (blue) weapon.

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