Dead Island 2: How to Complete Clean and Snatch

Let's liberate that electric sword...

The Clean and Snatch is one of the first Lost and Found quests you find in Dead Island 2 and it involves quite a bit of pool hopping. So, let’s get started! Here’s how to complete the Clean and Snatch in Dead Island 2.

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How to Complete Clean and Snatch in Dead Island 2

So, you’ve made your way to Rikki and Roxy’s house, and you’ve found a neat little note in their pool. The Casanova of pool boys has gone through Beverly Hills, looting his clients. But there’s one particular treasure he’s grabbed: a fancy antique sword that you know would be better in the Slayer’s hands.

Let’s go find it.

1. Head to Farouk’s house and find the note by the pool

The first pool we’ll want to visit is Farouk’s pool. Farouk is Rikki’s producer, and he owns the house in the Hills north and rightmost on the map. He’s Rikki’s neighbor.

But to get into his house, we’ll need to climb up onto the white car beside his pool.

Once you’re inside, you’ll see Dave, Farouk’s husband. He’s a zombie, now. But don’t worry, his husband’s inside, also dead. Kill Dave, and if you happen to be doing the Resurrect the Rex, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone. Literally.

The note you’ll then need to pick up is on the sunchair to the left of the pool.

2. Head to Michael’s house and find the note by the pool

Our next stop is Michael’s house, which is just to the left of Farouk’s house. Getting to the pool isn’t a problem. Just walk up Michael’s driveway and go through the gate on the right, which should be open. But beware, there are plenty of zombies waiting to rush you. Fortunately, most of them are very flammable, and there’s a lot of gasoline nearby.

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The note is in the bottom of the pool, and our pool boy will write that he’s opted to take the unicorn float. He’s courting a girl with a pizza float, and Michael won’t mind, right?

Now, to find the house with a pizza float…

3. Go to the GOAT Pen in Bel-Air

Hahaa, did you think you’d be searching more pools in the Hills? Maybe because that’s what this quest description says? Well, you’re wrong. The pizza float is actually in Bel-Air, so fast travel or hoof your way to the pool in the GOAT Pen.

Once you’re there, head straight out the back and you’ll find Obi near the pool. I found him on the left side, with a Crusher in tow. Unfortunately for Obi, he conducts electricity excellently, but kill him whatever way you like. And once he’s well and truly retired from his career as a pool boy, you can grab the keys he drops and head back to Rikky and Roxy’s house.

4. Unlock the suitcase in the pool

Once you’re back at Rikk and Roxy’s house, you’ll find the suitcase waiting for you in the pool. Unlock it, and you’ll get a level-scaled Officer’s Sword with a rare electricity mod already included as part of the package. Nice!

If you want a sword that’s arguably even cooler, now’s a good time to start the quest line with Rikki, as eventually you’ll get a very cool katana: Dead Island 2: How to Complete Resurrect the Rex.

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