Dead by Daylight: December 2023 Roadmap

It's the most horrifying time of the year.

If you’re hoping to get into the Holiday spirit with your favorite Multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight has you covered. Let’s walk through a winter wonderland together and find out what we can expect to see during the month of December.

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Dead by Daylight: Bone Chill Event Roadmap (2023)

During major holidays, Dead by Daylight likes to get a little festive, and the Bone Chill event is returning once again to make us all as holly jolly as possible. You’ll find all of the details about this event below:

Bone Chill Week 1 Details

Bone Chill Week 2 Details

  • Bone Chill (In Game Event) – December 14 to January 4
  • Holiday Horror Cosmetic Collection Launch – December 14
  • Ugly Sweater Cosmetic Collection Launch – December 14

Bone Chill Week 3 Details

  • TBA

Bone Chill Week 4 Details

  • TBA

What Is The Bone Chill Event In Dead by Daylight?

The Bone Chill event is the best way to celebrate the Winter season and its holidays, and there are plenty of things to get excited about. Not only will there be a variety of new Props available, such as Snowmen, but plenty of maps will get a festive makeover that helps bring horror into the Holidays.

Not only that, but players will have the chance to get exclusive items that are only usable during the Bone Chill event, such as the Winter Party Start from previous years. This particular item works nearly identically to the Flashbang perk, available with Leon. S Kennedy, so drop this item on the ground near the Killer and get ready for the fireworks to start. It’s also a fun way to celebrate with the other survivors, especially if things are going better than anticipated during your Trail.

The best part, however, must be the Snowmen hiding around the map. Usable by both the Killers and the Survivors, you can hop in and use them to your advantage in a variety of ways. If you’re playing tricky, you could hide in a Snowman near a generator, popping out when unsuspecting survivors are working away. Or, on the Survivor side of things, you can use these to take an extra hit when things are looking dire.

Snow Skulls are also available, but we’ll need to wait and see what those are all about. Will these work like Pebbles, where they can be used as a distraction, or can you toss them at the Killer to try and get away in a chase? It’ll be interesting to see how the Snowballs/Snow Skulls are implemented into the gameplay, and I’m eager to start experimenting.

Whether this is your first time experiencing the Bone Chill event or if you’re a returning veteran, be sure to sharpen up your skills by checking out our Dead by Daylight section below to learn more about the game. Need to find a new survivor main who is quieter than the rest, or just want to find out the best Chucky builds to run for the newest chapter? We’ve got you covered.

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