Best Chucky Builds in Dead by Daylight

Making a proper build isn't Child's Play, so let us help you out.

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With Chucky finally making his big appearance in Dead by Daylight, knowing which Perks you should be running is important. Let’s find out some of the best builds currently available to use on The Good Guy and why you should run them.

Best Builds for Chucky in Dead by Daylight

With a massive number of Perks available for the Child’s Play star to utilize to his full advantage, here are our picks for some of the best builds that you can currently put together for Chucky. As the PTB continues, Chucky may see some changes before being fully unleashed into the world, so know that some changes may be made in the future.

Hide And Seek Build

  • Coup de Grâce – The Twins
  • Discordance – The Legion
  • Pop Goes The Weasel – The Clown
  • Nowhere To Hide – The Knight

If you’re hoping to be aggressive and stay aggressive, this particular build is going to work wonders for you. Combining the oppressive force of Coup de Grâce, which increases the distance that your lunge attacks reach, alongside the Generator damaging capabilities of both Discordance and Pop Goes The Weasel, you’ll find that Chucky is near unstoppable. Add in the potential that Nowhere To Hide brings to the table, and you’re ready for anything.

Stay In Your Seat Build

  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance – The Artist
  • Pop Goes The Weasel – The Clown
  • Bamboozle – The Clown
  • Cruel Limits – The Demogorgon

Any survivor you encounter is going to want to stay seated because once you find them, it’s game over for their generator progress. Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance is going to cause massive damage to generators, Cruel Limits will keep them locked without any place to go, and paired up with The Clowns’ unique perks… well, you know where this is going. If you’ve found yourself in a loop, your massive speed advantage will work wonders for you overall.

The Troll Build

  • Eruption – The Nemesis
  • Bamboozle – The Clown
  • No Way Out – The Trickster
  • Play With Your Food – The Shape

Do you want to ensure that nobody beyond yourself has a good time? Then this build is the one for you. With perks like Bamboozle blocking off access to vaulting windows and the chance to ensure Shack chases tip forever in your favor, you’ll be on top of the action at just about any moment of the round. Eruption will ensure that a downed Survivor does more damage to the generators being worked on, and No Way Out will help you during those final moments of the game. Sure, it may be sweaty, but sometimes you just need that 4K, you know what I mean?

Child’s Play

  • Hex: Two Can Play – The Good Guy
  • Friends ‘Til The End – The Good Guy
  • Batteries Included – The Good Guy
  • Optional Perk of Your Choosing

If you’re aiming for complete Chucky mastery and maybe an achievement along the way, you’ll want to try running a round or two with just the perks included with The Good Guy. You’ll find that his perks are powerful, but thankfully not overbearingly so. Plus, it gives you the best chance to experience what he has to offer before putting these on your go-to Killer. If you want to learn more about Chucky’s perks, we’ve got you covered.

Give any of these builds a try, whether you’re partaking in the PTB or waiting for his official release. No matter your choice, you’re in for a good time when you step into the shoes of this pint-sized killer. Be sure you know how to deal with Check Spots before taking him on, and read up on our Dead by Daylight section below to learn more about the game.

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