Dead by Daylight: Will Tiffany Be Available In The Chucky Chapter?

Will the Bride of Chucky make an appearance here, too?

While Chucky may be an iconic horror character in every right of the word, his Bride is somehow even more terrifying. But, will Dead by Daylight players have the chance to take control of this legendary icon, alongside her hubby?

Is Tiffany Coming To Dead by Daylight?

It seems that Chucky isn’t the only doll that gets to have its day in the spotlight, as Tiffany Valentine will also be making an appearance in the Fog alongside her beau. And much like the voice of Chucky, it seems that Jennifer Tilly will be returning once again to lend her signature tone to this sadistic Killer.

While they may share Perks, Tiffany seems to be entering the world of Dead by Daylight as the likely Legendary skin for The Good Guy. She’ll have her own set of voice lines to keep players on their toes, but we can only wait and see if Jennifer Tilly herself makes an appearance as her spirit, or if it’s going to stay as Charles Lee Ray that carries her across the map after downing a survivor.

It seems the possibilities are endless for characters that can make their way into these Trails, seeing that one of the smallest horror movie icons has finally crossed into the world of Dead by Daylight. Who can we expect to see next? We’ve got Naughty Bear finally in the game after sitting on his own games for a while, Stranger Things making a return, and a tiny talking doll that is eager to chop you down to pieces. We can only wait to see who will be coming up next in line.

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