Who Voices Chucky in Dead by Daylight?

Is that who I think it is?

As you may have heard, the Good Guy is now available to play with in Dead by Daylight. However, many fans may be wondering if they found a good soundalike, or if the original voice behind the doll is returning for this trip into the Fog.

Who Is Chucky Voiced by in Dead by Daylight?

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Your ears are not deceiving you: Chucky is once again voiced by Brad Dourif, who has been bringing this doll into our nightmares since 1988. However, there is another little surprise for those who have been watching the series since its inception, with a very surprising cameo by the man himself within the world of Dead by Daylight.

While playing as The Good Guy, or as we all know and love him as, Chucky, you’ll also get a surprise appearance from Charles Lee Ray. This spectral form also bears the visage of Brad Dourif, who played the character in the Chucky films series. So, we get double the pleasure while having the same amount of fun. Since Chucky is just a little guy, he calls upon the spirit of his human form to help dispose of Survivors who were caught by his blade.

Alongside his perks, there are countless nods toward the franchise, and the fact that Brad Dourif has come back once again to lend his vocal talents to the fun-sized Killer makes it all the more rewarding. As you scurry through the map, you’ll hear plenty of quips and one-liners that make Chucky feel more alive than ever before. Just make sure you’re not afraid of hearing a few swears here and there since Chucky has quite the mouth on him.

No matter if you’re a professional at making it out alive, or you need help finding out which survivor you should pick before embarking on the Trail of your life, be sure to check out our Dead by Daylight section below. We’ve got plenty of helpful tips and tricks to ensure your escape, and you’ll want to be ready for anything when Chucky hits the ground running.

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