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DayZ Blowtorch Uses Guide: Where to Find

An ambient air fuel-burning gas lamp or a very useful zombie survival tool

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
DayZ Blowtorch Uses Guide Where to Find

Having fun in DayZ? How is surviving a zombie apocalypse in the not at all bleak and depressing Soviet-like country of Chernarus going? You have to be very crafty and resourceful to survive in the brutal world of DayZ, a mashup of brutally realistic military games like Arma and zombie survivals like The Walking Dead. It is important to use everything you can and to utilize all the tools you can get your hands on. The Blowtorch is one such tool that was very useful before but after the last update, there are some new uses for it – let’s check them out.

DayZ Blowtorch Uses

With the Blowtorch, it is possible to repair all kinds of metal objects, but this useful tool is not all-powerful. To begin with, in order for the Blowtorch to work, you need to have a Gas Canister. All three sizes of Gas Canisters work with the Blowtorch, so you can connect it to small, medium, and large canisters. They bring respectively 330, 650, and 800 fuel points, while the Blowtorch will consume about 12 of those per second. When you know how many seconds it takes to make a certain repair, you can do the math and calculate exactly how much fuel you need for a repair job.

Where to Find Blowtorch in DayZ

Blowtorch in DayZ can be found in Industrial locations, it is not a rare item – the rarity score is 23 meaning it’s pretty average and easy to find. The server limit for Blowtorch items is at least 20, the maximum number being 30, making it not that difficult to procure in the field as long as you are searching Industrial buildings.

With a Blowtorch, you can repair Generators, Spotlights, even Metal plates, as well as Cooking pots and Frying pans, although it is not possible to cook with a Blowtorch even if you put food in the pot – maybe an idea for the next patch?

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Since the 1.19 update, it is no longer possible to use the Blowtorch to restore the engine of cars and other vehicles to their original state, but it is possible to repair them to some extent. All other parts of the vehicle can be repaired with a Blowtorch, in general, any part that you can repair with Epoxy Putty can also be repaired with a Blowtorch, only with better quality. And yeah, of course, you can use it as a melee weapon, and make it explode – the explosion will always be the same and do the same damage no matter how much gas is left inside it.

So there you have it, you now know everything about Blowtorches in DayZ, go find one and be crafty in order to survive those soviet zombies. And don’t forget to have fun!

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