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When Does DayZ Update 1.19 Come Out? – Answered

It's right around the corner!

by Nikola L

DayZ will receive quite a few updates in Update 1.19, based on what was shown during their live stream on September 21, 2022. And not only does the game still have a steady and faithful core player base, but it’s also slowly growing over time, according to the Steam player count, at least. We bet that there is a whole lot of you who can’t wait to try out the 1.19 Update for DayZ and Prima Games is here to deliver the info.

When Can You Play DayZ Update 1.19?

We’ll go through some significant changes that are coming in the DayZ Update 1.19 and reveal when you can join in on the fun for yourself.

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Players from the USA, Canada, and Japan (where statistically, a great majority of cars use automatic transmission) will be delighted to know that automatic transmission is coming to DayZ. No more manual gear shifting for you all! Devs claim that driving will be easier and more enjoyable in the future, which should appeal to a more casual audience. And also there is going to be a military humvee-looking vehicle in the game.

You will also notice that when you stop sprinting in 1.19, there will be visible inertia (it will take you some time to stop). More cool navigation stuff will be available as well. When you have the map and the GPS you’ll be able to tell more precisely where you are located.

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The SSG 82, a bolt-action sniper rifle, is coming too, which is something many fans have been asking to be added in for a while.

Sound good? DayZ Update 1.19 can be tried publicly on DayZ Experimental servers starting on September 22, 2022.

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