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How to Find and Repair a Humvee in DayZ

It's Hummer time!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Find and Repair a Humvee in DayZ

Do you play DayZ? The fictional Soviet country of Chernarus is depressing and gloomy enough on its own, but add zombies to it and you got this unique Arma vs Zombies crossover. Your survival in the harsh world of DayZ depends on many things, and aside from numerous weapons, vehicles play a big role in it as well. When it comes to overcoming off-road terrain, there is hardly a better solution than the Humvee, and it also works great for trampling zombies. However, how do you find, fix, and drive one in DayZ? Let’s find out.

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How to Find and Repair a Humvee in DayZ

First, you need to find a Humvee wreck on the map. There are many spawn locations but what makes it difficult is that it is a very sought-after vehicle, so you will have to compete with other players because everybody wants one.

Finding Humvee in Dayz

For exact spawn locations, check the maps below:

Image source: Reddit
Image source: Reddit

Fixing the Humvee in DayZ

When you have found a wreck, in order to turn it into a functional vehicle, you need the following items:

  • 1 Glow Plug (found in industrial locations and other car wrecks)
  • 1 Car Battery (found in industrial locations)
  • 4 Humvee Tires (found in military and industrial locations)
  • Gasoline (found in industrial locations; gas can be refilled at gas stations)

You can pluck other Humvee wrecks you found for hoods, doors, and tires as well. Just remember hoods and doors are not required for the Humvee to start but can provide additional protection. Also, you can stock one spare tire in the back.

How to Repair Humvee in DayZ

To fix the engine, use the Blowtorch on it. It works well with repairing the other parts of Humvee as well such as doors, hood, trunk, bumpers, and fenders. Flat tires can be repaired with the tire repair kit.

So, there you have it! Now you know how to find and repair the highly sought-after Humvee – just be careful where you park it because other players can easily steal it or take it apart, so don’t forget to take the Glow Plug out and lock your parts in place. Have fun.

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