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How to Build a Flag Pole in DayZ

Raise your flags!

by Nikola L

Building a Flag Pole in DayZ is one of the most exhausting activities when you realize what materials are needed for it, but we promise that in the end, it’s going to be worth it. Here’s how to build a Flag Pole in DayZ.

Materials Needed For Building a Flag Pole in DayZ

Below is the list of the necessary materials for the Flag Pole:

  • 60 Nails
  • 32 Large Stones
  • 10 Wooden Logs
  • 3 Small Wooden Sticks
  • 1 Rope
  • 1 Metal Wire
  • 1 Shovel or 1 Pickaxe
  • 1 Hammer or 1 Hatchet
  • 1 Sledgehammer

For the Flag Pole Kit (the first step of this endeavor), you’ll need three Small Wooden Sticks and one Rope, which you should combine to start crafting the Kit.

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When you’ve crafted it, deploy the crafted frame, and then, with a Wooden Log and a Sledgehammer, start building your Flag Pole base. Six Wooden Logs need to be attached to the Flag Pole base as support.

32 Large Stones also need to be mined and brought to the frame. You get them by hitting a boulder on the ground with a Sledgehammer or a Pickaxe with the Mining action. Drag them to the location where you are building your Flag Pole and drag them through the inventory menu to the Support section. With a Shovel or Pickaxe in your hands, you will see the option to build the support when aiming at the Flag Pole.

The last three Wooden Logs need to be attached to the support. Metal Wire, Rope, and then five dozen Nails should follow suit and be attached to the “Pole” section in the inventory that appears. Then grab a Hammer or a Hatchet, and you will see the option which allows you to finish the construction.

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Finally, grab a flag that you’ve found in the wild (hold it in your hands) and approach the Flag Pole to get the option to raise or lower the flag.

Happy flag hunting!

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