The Biggest Changes in DayZ Update 1.23

Every change and new addition to the world of Chernarus in Update 1.23!

DayZ Update 1.23 Screens
Image via Bohemia Interactive

The world of DayZ remains as brutal and unforgiving as ever, even after all these years of regular updates and communities that come and go. Now, we’re excitedly jumping into the latest significant changes in DayZ Update 1.23!

Every Change in DayZ Update 1.23

As someone who has wandered the woods of Chernarus for many hundreds of hours, it’s always nice to see new additions to shake up the visuals and gameplay of the world I covet so highly. With Update 1.23 of DayZ, we see enhanced skies, group spawns, vehicle unstick improvements, custom startup gear, and base-building alterations. It’s a lot to unpack!

DayZ Update 1.23 Weather Overhaul
Image via Bohemia Interactive
  • Enhanced Skies: Both the day and night sky boxes have received an extensive overhaul, with new cloud formations, transitions, and a more immersive appearance and vibe overall.
  • Player Spawn Groups: If you’re playing with a friend in DayZ, as you probably should, the ability to spawn in a new group is now more possible. They’ve increased the chance of spawning with a friend by starting or respawning on a server simultaneously.
  • Vehicle Unstick: As is typical with DayZ vehicles, hence the countless memes over the years, they often become stuck on mundane objects. To rectify this, there is now the ability to push a vehicle to unstick it.
  • Server Browser Improvements: It’s plain as day to see that the game’s server browser was in desperate need of a revamp, and it’s kind of here. The studio has improved the server browser experience by displaying the time of day on the server along with queue states.
  • Base Building Changes: This one is specifically for Livonia, where it was once possible to build underground. It’s now no longer possible, so get a bit more creative with your structures to avoid raids.
  • Firearm Distribution: The loot table has shaken up, with high-end firearms rebalanced and now found in more likely places.
  • North West Airfield: And perhaps the best change to DayZ is the revamp of NWAF. There are new POIs to explore, a greater sense of risk, and better loot to coincidence with the increased difficulty and size.

New Items in Update 1.23

Alongside many fantastic changes made to the skybox and points of interest around the map, Update 1.23 for DayZ includes several unique items, including the long-awaited DMR. It’s an excellent mid-range rifle capable of taking down players with ease.

DayZ Update 1.23 New Items and DMR
Image via Bohemia Interactive
  • DMR: The mid-range DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) finally returns to the game. It utilizes .308 rounds, 10/20 round magazines, and accepts most Western sights.
  • Field Shovel: Alongside bashing in a fresh spawn’s head, you can use the new and compact field shovel to dig holes to hide stashes out in the woods.
  • Clothing: If two new tools of the trade weren’t enough, the developer also included new clothing, like headwear and gloves.

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