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How to Repair the Crossbow in DayZ

Silent and deadly

DayZ’s latest update, 1.21, introduced a brand new weapon to the game that lets you live out your greatest Daryl Dixon dreams: The Crossbow. However, the update also made it so that weapons found in the world are quite often in poor condition, so let’s get that crossbow fixed!

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How to Repair the Crossbow in DayZ

First, you will need to do some scavaging. Check out every shed, workshop, or industrial building that you come across. The item we are looking for is Epoxy Putty. This can be used to fix many different objects in the harsh wilderness of DayZ, so it is always good to have some on hand.

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Next place your Crossbow on the ground and equip the Epoxy Putty in your hands. When looking at the crossbow you will now see a prompt to repair the Crossbow. Hold the action key and you will use some Epoxy Putty to restore the Crossbow by one damage state.

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Taking a Crossbow from Destroyed to Pristine will take several applications of the Epoxy Putty to achieve, but is well worth it for the increased durability and lower chance of malfunctions.

If you are having trouble finding a crossbow in the first place, make sure you are checking all civilian structures, with a focus on farming and hunting locations. On the Livonia map, there is a large collection of hunting cabins just North of Sitnik, which can be a good source of weapons, including the crossbow.

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