How to Play DayZ Single-Player

Wanna play solo? No problem.

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Thrown into the gloomy escapade of DayZ, you will battle other players and team up with friends to combat the zombie apocalypse. However, the community has done its fair share to alter the game experience by adding an offline mode, which will have you traversing the vast open world all alone. Here is how to get solo mode in DayZ. 

How to Solo Play DayZ? 

Bad servers of DayZ have forced players to seek alternative methods to play the game, and offline solo mode has won over many fans. You lose nothing except the lag and bugs, and you get the same missions and same enemies. The only thing is there are no other players. 

You first need to download the DayZ mod to access the offline single-player mode. To do so, search for “DayZ solo mode” and a github link will pop up – download it from there. We won’t link you here for obvious reasons.

Once you get the file, you need to paste the content to the DayZ Steam directory:

  • Locate your Steam directory
  • Open steamapps
  • Locate the common folder and open it
  • Click on DayZ
  • Find the missions folder and paste your newly downloaded files inside

You need to do a few more tweaks to be able to play the single-player mode. 

Next, go to the DayZ Steam workshop and enable to the additional modes listed below: 

  1. Community online tools
  2. Optional: Zomberry Admin Tools
  3. DayZ Expansion Licensed
  4. CF (Community Framework)
  5. DayZ expansion

Next, launch DayZ through Steam and go to Mods. At the top right corner, you will see a search bar, through which you can look for the subscribed mods. Make sure you select the right ones. 

After this, enter All Parameters, where you will create your profile name and add the path to the expansion offline folder. It should look like this: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ\Missions\ExpansionCom.ChernarusPlus. 

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