How to Make a Splint in DayZ

Break a leg

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Surviving the harsh servers of DayZ is already hard enough – now try doing it with a broken bone. Dealing with a broken leg can be one of the most pressing issues to resolve while out gathering supplies in the wild, so get your hands on a splint as fast as possible. Here, we’ll tell you how to make a Splint in DayZ.

How to Craft a Splint in DayZ

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When you suffer traumatic damage to your limbs, either from a fall or gunshot, you might end up with a broken bone. This is indicated on the bottom right of your screen near your health. As a result, each step will cause damage until eventually, you fall unconscious. To fix this, you will need to apply a splint, however, this will stop you from running or jumping until the limb is healed. I find it is best to have a friend run around and collect the required components, as doing it yourself could leave you unconscious in dangerous territory.

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There are three ways to create a splint, combine a short stick with one of:

4 x Rags (Clean)

1 x Bandage (100%)

1x Duct Tape (>10%)

To obtain a short stick, you will need to find a bush and interact with it while you have a sharp object equipped. This could be a knife, cleaver, or something similar. This will give you a long stick that you can hold and break down into short sticks.

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To find rags you will need to find clothing on the ground, and then combine it with a sharp object. This will let you break the clothing down into rags. You may need multiple items of clothing to reach the four rags required.

Bandages and Duct Tape can be found while scavenging, and carrying them with you at all times will ensure you can easily create a splint without having to move too much.

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To create the splint, hold the stick and combine it with either of the three ingredients listed above. You can then scroll through craftable items until you see a splint. Hold the action key to create the item. To apply the splint, hold it in your hands and hold the action key.

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