DayZ Blood Chart: All Blood Types and Compatibilities

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DayZ Blood Chart All Blood Types and Compatibilities

DayZ is one brutal game where the list of things that can kill you is really extensive. Whether you will suffer from bullets, zombies, some disease or blood loss depends on the fun adventures you will have in this bleak war and survival simulator.

As in many other aspects, DayZ is very detailed in the system related to blood groups and blood transfusion, which works almost like real life, so it’s not bad to refresh your knowledge about all blood types and their compatibility.

All Blood Types and Compatibilities Chart for DayZ

If you are wounded in DayZ and have lost a lot of blood, you will need a transfusion, which other co-op players can give you, but you can’t take just any blood, because characters in DayZ have different blood types! If you don’t know what your blood type is, you can use the Blood Test Kit to reveal it.

Knowing your blood type is very important because if you receive blood that is not of your group, you may get a Hemolytic Reaction. This unwanted reaction will not kill you immediately, but it will lead to it, slowly but surely. To be certain which blood type you can receive, see the table below.

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And they say that you can’t learn anything useful from video games! This knowledge about the compatibility of blood groups can serve you in real life, but in DayZ, if you don’t have the right type of blood to receive, you can improve your condition simply by consuming a lot of food to get that nourished status and avoid the need for transfusion entirely. Just remember that tactic won’t work exactly the same in real life.

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