How to Craft Crossbow Bolts in DayZ

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In the most recent update for DayZ a new weapon was added, the Crossbow. Not only is the weapon silent and deadly, but it can also be one of the easiest to source ammo for. All you need is a bush, something sharp, and a dead chicken. Here’s how to craft Crossbow Bolts in DayZ.

How to Craft Crude and Improvised Bolts in DayZ

First, you will be crafting a crude bolt, which is nothing more than a sharp stick. Find yourself a tool for cutting down bushes such as a knife or axe. You’ll want to avoid breaking bushes with your hands as this can cause bleeding. Now use the tool to destroy a bush and acquire a Long Stick.

Take the Long Stick into your hands and use the Split action to turn it into Short Sticks. With these in your hands combine them with a knife, axe, cleaver, or any other sharp item. This will let you create Crude Bolts.

Crude Bolts have fairly poor performance, and should only be used as an absolute last resort. Instead, you should make Improvised Bolts. To do this, you simply need to find a Hen somewhere out in the wilderness. Kill the chicken, and take its feathers.

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Now you can combine the crude bolt with the feathers to make an Improvised Bolt. This will improve the performance of your Crossbow, and while they aren’t as good as the Bolts you will find while scavenging, they are far easier to come by and do a good enough job as it.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Now that you know how to craft both Crude and Improvised Bolts in DayZ, why not find out how to keep your Crossbow in tip-top condition? We have a guide on repairing your Crossbow that you might find handy.

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