How to Make Planks in DayZ

The start of all good bases

One of the fundamental items required to establish a base in DayZ is the humble plank. However, acquiring this building resource can be less obvious than it seems. Once acquired, planks allow you to build storage crates, walls, gates, and everything you need to create an outpost from which to strike out into the wilderness. Here’s how to get them.

How to Get Planks in DayZ

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First, you are going to need to find tools. The most important of these is a Hacksaw. To find it, start searching any large warehouses, small sheds, or industrial areas until you acquire one.  The second most important is an Axe of some kind. Either the Fireman’s Axe, which can be found in fire stations, or a Splitting Axe, which can be found in the same sort of locations as the hacksaw.

You will also want to pick up a Hammer and some Nails, which will allow you to turn your planks into objects.

With an axe, you can go up to any tree in the world and use the prompt on the screen to cut down the tree. Make sure you select the Gather: Wooden Log option. Once the tree is felled, equip your Hacksaw and use it on the log to make wooden planks.

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Another way to acquire wooden planks doesn’t require an axe, only a Hacksaw. Throughout the world, there are lumber piles that contain a certain number of planks. You can use the hacksaw on these to harvest the planks from them. However, these are in fixed locations around the map and can be hotly contested by other players. Try not to get too complacent as you ferry resources back to your base, or else you might get an uninvited visitor.

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