Dave the Diver: Dwarf Seahorse Location and Depth Explained

Gotta fish 'em all

Dave The Diver has a vast array of underwater creatures to catalog, capture, and cook, but one of the most useful is the seahorse. Seahorses come in several varieties, with a total of 13 to be found in the depths, and can be used in races later in the game. Today we will focus on the Dwarf Seahorse, where to find it, and how to catch one.

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Dwarf Seahorse Depth in Dave the Diver

The Dwarf Seahorse can be located at a depth of roughly 100m. I found my first one near the Yellow Shipwreck at about 110m, but I have seen others as shallow as 75m. If you are having trouble finding one, try swimming left to right as close to 120m. Once you locate it, swim up to it and press the onscreen prompt to catch the Dwarf Seahorse. Make sure you are standing still.

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How to Catch a Dwarf Seahorse in Dave the Diver

You may be early in your Dave The Diver journey, and have spotted Seahorses around, but have been unable to catch them. To do this, you need to get a bug net, which allows you to catch a wide array of fish that are too small to be harpooned.

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To get the bug net, you must progress until you unlock the quest Reticent Girl. This customer speaks primarily through a puppet, but providing them with their desired meal will unlock the bug net and allow you to start catching smaller prey.

Now that you know how to catch the Dwarf Seahorse, why not find out how to locate the Yellow Shipwreck? This location is involved in several quests and can be a useful landmark when navigating the deep blue hole.

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