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Seahorses List Dave the Diver
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While most fish in Dave the Diver are used for Sushi or fun photography moments underwater, the seahorses can be used in their own unique way, which is racing with the Sea People. But beating the Seahorses that the Sea People have isn’t easy, and to make sure you can start looking for something better, I have the full list of them in this guide.

All Seahorses Listed in Dave the Diver

There are 13 different kinds of seahorses that you can catch in Dave the Diver, and they are spread out within the Blue Hole. Species in the Blue Hole are typically divided by depth, and that sentiment remains the same for seahorses. Below you can find every type in the game and the depth at which you can catch them.

Dave the Diver Seahorses List:

  • Pacific Seahorse (0-50m)
  • Jayakar’s Seahorse (0-50m)
  • Big-Belly Seahorse (0-50)
  • Long-Snouted Seahorse (0-50m)
  • Hedgehog Seahorse (50-130m)
  • Giraffe Seahorse (50-130m)
  • Spiny Seahorse (50-130m)
  • Dwarf Seahorse (50-130m)
  • Tiger-Tail Seahorse (50-130m)
  • Lined Seahorse (130-250m)
  • Spotted Seahorse (130-250m)
  • White Seahorse (130-250m)
  • Crowned Seahorse (130-250m)

Not all of these catches are equal either. Some of these will have levels that can change how useful they are in the races with Sea People. I like to catch as many Seahorses as I can when I go exploring in Dave the Diver and then I just transfer what I don’t need.

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If you haven’t started catching any of these creatures yet, then you need to obtain the Bug Net as well. Simply progress the story in Chapter 2 until you get a mission from Maki at Bancho Sushi. The net to catch Seahorses is given as a reward.

For those of you unsure of your progress, read through my guide on the Dave the Diver Chapter totals to stay on track.

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