Dave the Diver: How Long to Beat and Chapter Total

How long is Dave's journey?

Dave the Diver
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Although the game starts out with Dave simply catching fish and helping Bancho serve some sushi, Dave the Diver opens up fairly fast, giving players plenty to explore in the Blue Hole. To help you gauge how much time you might have left, I’ll go over how long the game takes to beat and how many chapters are in the game.

How Many Chapters are in Dave the Diver?

There are seven chapters for players to complete in Dave the Diver, not including the prologue to the game. After arriving at the Blue Hole and Bancho Sushi, there are seven full chapters that contain new stories, massive underwater threats for Dave to take out, and plenty of opportunities for exotic ingredients.

Each chapter takes about the same amount of time to complete, and as you might expect, Dave will continue to reach new depths. Dave the Diver has a surprising amount of progression, and most of it is tied to the main story progress found throughout the seven chapters. Of course, you probably want to know how long the chapters can take as well.

How Long to Beat Dave the Diver?

It can take players about 15-20 hours to finish the main story in Dave the Diver. Some estimates claim that the game can be finished in about 12 hours, but in my experience, that is unrealistic. As you earn new gear, you can stay underwater for much longer, and you’ll want to explore as much as possible. Dives can easily take up to 15 minutes at a time.

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With that in mind, I would prepare for the main story to hit that 20-hour mark to beat the game. If you enjoy all the side activities, then that number can go even higher. Compared to other releases this year, that number isn’t too bad.

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