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Crucible Fatal Error, Login Timeout Fix

by Liana Ruppert

Amazon’s free-to-play game Crucible is out now and players are diving in to see what the company has in store for gamers everywhere. But with great interest comes a few issues and many are reporting seeing a Crucible fatal error message. This Crucible login timeout fix should do the trick!

Crucible Fatal Error – Login Timeout Fix

At this present time, the best fix when getting the login timeout is to simply quit out of the game and log back in. When playing through Steam yesterday, we were able to override the issue on the first try after closing Steam down completely and booting it back up. While that’s obviously not the ideal solution, it is an option that has seen a lot of success as Amazon works on a fix. 

Server issues in online games is nothing new, even more so during the opening weekend of a new title. It seems that Crucible is no exception to this rule, but it will be interesting to see how quickly Amazon can turn around support for this game and show off what they can do. 

While the one-time shutdown was a fix for us, it’s possible that it won’t be a blanket fix, as is the nature of these kinds of issues. If you’re still having difficulty getting in after a few tries, take a break and check out the Crucible support account here for updates on the game’s integrity. 

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As for the game itself, Crucible is a team-based action shooter that allows players a chance to make certain choices in the battlefield regarding strategy and control. There is PvP action against other players but there is also a PvE element as well to keep all players on their toes. Adapt, overcome, and fight for that victory. It also has a 2-player battle royale mode as well which puts a unique spin on a common genre, and perfect for those that wish Duos was more of a permanent installation in some of the biggest names in BR currently. 

Crucible is now available on Steam! We are working hard on a few guides for the free-to-play shooter, so keep it tuned in here at Prima Games for more! You can also share with us some of your sickest moves in-game by tagging us over on Twitter @PrimaGames! Happy hunting!