Fortnite: How to Complete Spot the Difference Chapter 2

Look, the Fortnite Spot the Difference Chapter 2 by Derponce is a little bit of a doozy but it's totally doable! Here's what you need to know!

Hope you like puzzles because the Fortnite Spot the Difference Chapter 2 puzzle map by Derponce is a doozy but fun and great for battle royale players looking for a new challenge! There are 7 levels total for this map and each level needs to be done in a particular way in order to successfully complete. Luckily, there’s a simple breakdown of how to complete the Spot the Difference Chapter 2 puzzle so you can get back to taking out enemy players for that delicious Victory Royale! 

Fortnite: How to Complete Spot the Difference Chapter 2


For those interested, the island code is 6278-1230-9351, which is necessary when taking part in this particular puzzle. Given by its “Spot the Difference” title, this puzzle will have two instances with seven variances that players must spot using their gun. There may be a few alterations when comparing the two, but this outline is designed to offer an overall outline for doing what needs to be done to mark this off of the ‘ol to-do list. 

Fortnite ‘Spot the Difference’ Level 1

As seen in the video above, YouTuber ‘BrancoB’ outlined exactly what needs to be tagged. A lot of it you’ll be able to see just by first glance, but we’ve had a few people ask us to write up a quick guide for this so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re helpers. 

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Going in the order of the video seen above, here are the differences you need to tag with your gun: 

  • The canoe
  • The tent 
  • Fish inside cabin
  • The sign
  • Knocked-over chair
  • Stacked wood
  • The bench as seen behind the bear

Fortnite ‘Spot the Difference’ Level 2

  • The teddy bear seen on the back of the boat is missing
  • The float on the railing is gone
  • The crate scope is to the right near the outhouse
  • The starfish seen on the outhouse
  • The fish
  • The hanging chicken

Fortnite ‘Spot the Difference’ Level 3

  • The fish on the left
  • The “No Swimming” sign
  • The wood behind the sign 
  • The teddy bear is missing
  • The barrel
  • The purple flower
  • The box on the platform

Fortnite ‘Spot the Difference’ Level 4

  • The “Boats for Rent” sign
  • The umbrella
  • No marshmallow over the fire
  • The bear seen on the stool 
  • The bird
  • The missing coconut on the top of the stand

Fortnite ‘Spot the Difference’ Level 5

  • The valve on the first full pipe
  • The toilet 
  • The second light on the left
  • The blue jelly over the second light
  • The purple jelly by the tires
  • The missing stones, the first being above the purple jelly and the second being on the ceiling

Fortnite ‘Spot the Difference’ Level 6

  • The code is 3 7 9
  • The center of “G”

Fortnite ‘Spot the Difference’ Level 7

And now, to space: 

  • UFO light
  • The tire in the car
  • The asteroid
  • No rock to the left of the telescope
  • No tank on the left
  • The antenna

And that’s it! That’s what you need to know about how to complete the Fortnite Spot the Difference puzzle in Chapter 2! As for the game itself, Fortnite is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices! It’s also been confirmed to be a launch title for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 players with the most recent Unreal 5 announcement! 


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