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Can You Still Merge Fortnite Accounts? – Answered

Merge... Sequence... Activated... ?

Accounts, accounts, accounts… Account for this service, account for that service, link accounts, sync accounts… When did things get so complicated with gaming? Anyway, there is a feature made by Epic Games that allows you to merge your Fortnite / Epic Games accounts. Pretty useful in helping you have less stress about remembering credentials and where you have your content stored. In this article, I’ll go over the said feature and will answer if you can still merge Fortnite accounts or not.

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Is it Still Possible to Merge Your Fortnite Accounts in 2023?

While this merge feature was available for your Fortnite accounts back in the day… sadly, it’s not available anymore.

Epic Games has disabled any form of account merging, whether it’s Epic Games, Fortnite, or anything in their jurisdiction for that matter. Epic Games has also specifically mentioned that you should not contact their customer support regarding the matter of account merge as it’s stated that customer support cannot merge your accounts.

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It was great while it lasted, but sadly, we have to keep moving forward without this feature. I apologize for shattering your hopes and causing you to be disappointed by the information in this article. Seems that nothing on the Internet is permanent.

Why is Account Merging Stopped and Banned by Epic Games?

I should be adding an angry cat image that says “This is why we can’t have nice things”. Yeah, let’s do that. You’ll be angry when you hear the reasons.

Epic Games discovered that there have been a lot of abuses of the merge function, which were intended for account trading, account selling, and other stuff that is specifically forbidden under the EULA.

So, in essence, we were robbed of a cool thing because a very small percentage of players decided to abuse it for their personal gain. Epic Games had to step in and put a stop to activities they deem illegal. And it’s a step in the right direction, due to a lot of scams that came to be due to the existence of account merging. When you have millions of players active, you need to take security measures.

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That’s all about account merging in Fortnite. If you want to read more about Fortnite here at Prima Games, check out Where to Find Coconuts in Fortnite Summer Escape and our game tag below.

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