Where to Find Coconuts in Fortnite Summer Escape

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One of the stage two quests in the Fortnite Summer Escape event requires players to find three different fruits on the map, one of which is a coconut. While each one of them is technically common, they don’t show up in abundance, and I can pinpoint exactly where you should look. Here’s where to find Coconuts in Fortnite Summer Escape.

How to Find Coconuts, Apples, and Bananas in Fortnite

I was able to find coconuts in a produce box at Knotty Nets, which is located on the southeastern side of the Fortnite map. Produce boxes always have a green lid on top of a cardboard box, and while they aren’t very eye-catching, they have a unique look compared to other loot containers in the game.

Any time you open a produce box, you typically get two or three different consumables. However, these can be anything such as mushrooms, apples, or cabbage. So, when you arrive at a place like Knotty Nets, you need to search every produce box that you can and hope for the fruit you need.

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Keep in mind that this quest also isn’t available until your finish the first stage of the initial Summer Escape quest. Only after you finish the first stage will the challenge to collect bananas, apples, and coconuts appear. There is no way to skip this, so don’t waste your time searching for produce before getting past this portion of the Summer event in Fortnite.

In past seasons, coconuts could be found on trees in some cases, but that won’t be the case for the Summer Escape. While you can’t find these fruits growing like before, most of them are still easy to find as long as you roll your luck with a green produce box.

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