All Week 1 Transformers Quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Listed

Autobots get questing!

Transformers Quests Fortnite
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Another season has arrived in Fortnite with the Chapter 4 Season 3 update, and that means a whole new collection of quests for players to take on. Transformers have taken over the main theme for the season, and to help you stay ahead of them, I have the full list of Week 1 Transformers quests in Fortnite down below.

Fortnite Transformers Quests Week 1

There are only five base quests to take on for the Transformers season so far, and like the previous seasons, quests will be released every week. It always helps to stay ahead of each week and claim the rewards before they get overwhelming. Each quest can be found below.

All Week 1 Transformers Quests in Fortnite:

  • Acquire a Cybertron Cannon in different matches (0/3) – 30,000 XP
  • Damage Opponents with the Kinetic Boomerang (0/500) – 30,000 XP
  • Emote after destroying a gas can or pump (0/1) – 30,000 XP
  • Collect the first Transformers Token (0/13) – 30,000 XP
  • Travel distance in vehicles or while mounted (0/1,000) – 30,000 XP

The last two quests have stages, so once you complete the first objective, another line of quests will open up. Traveling a certain distance in vehicles is easy, but finding 13 Transformer Tokens in Fortnite may be a bit more difficult. I will have the mission list updated as the stages open up.

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On top of the standard quests, there are also bonus quests that simply require you to complete the weekly challenges. The first spray reward can be earned after five quests are completed, and the sticker is unlocked after 10, but we all have to wait for more quests.

If you are having trouble finding the Cybertron Cannon for the first challenge, check out the guide I put together on exactly where to find the new Fortnite weapons.

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