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Is Fortnite Down? How to Check Fortnite Server Status

Outage control

by Jesse Vitelli

Fortnite, the incredibly popular Battle Royale game, requires a constant online connection so you can play with friends, family, and strangers. Sometimes those servers are offline, especially if it’s in-between seasons where the game can be down for over 24 hours. If you’re having trouble connecting, here’s how to check if the Fortnite Server status is down or not.

Is Fortnite Down? How to Check Fortnite Server Status

If you’re looking to check the Fortnite server status, you can go here. This is the official Epic Games website which shows the status of every online game server from Fortnite to Rocket League. Fortnite is at the top of the list, so if you have any other word than “operational” next to the game, chances are something is wrong on Epic’s servers.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to fix that. Resetting your router or rebooting the game won’t change that the servers are simply not working. The only action you can take is to wait it out. If that’s the case, checking out something else in your backlog or playing a different online game with friends is always an option.

There is also the possibility that the server status of the platform you’re playing on is experiencing the issue rather than Epic’s servers. If that’s the case, checking if PSN, Xbox Live, or Nintendo Online is down is also important.

You can also check out user-reported outages on this website. While they are not always 100% accurate, user-reports can be extremely helpful in determining if Fortnite is down or not, especially if the tools listed above have not updated yet.

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