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Can You Play Vampire Survivors on Android and iOS? – Answered

Come on, VS is just asking to be on mobile.

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors is most probably going to go down as the best Indie game of 2022 in many players’ books worldwide. What started out as a weekend project has reached unimaginable heights. In the Fall of 2022, Vampire Survivors got its full release on PC, and shortly after, it got released on Xbox Series X and S. Many copycats exist on Android and iOS at the moment, each of them trying to capitalize on the market poncle has not tapped upon yet. Players keep asking if you can play Vampire Survivors on Android and iOS or not, and Prima Games brings the freshest information on the matter below.

Is Vampire Survivors available on Mobile (Android and iOS)?

Important Update: This is a legacy article pertaining to the Closed Beta for Vampire Survivors on Android and iOS.
Now, Vampire Survivors is officially and publicly available on Android and iOS.

Currently, Vampire Survivors is not publicly available on Mobile platforms (Android and iOS), but we have some good news for you. Poncle has started a closed beta on their official Vampire Survivors Discord Channel! If you wish to participate in the development of this lovely game, you can head out there and start testing with the rest of the community. The more players do their part in reporting bugs, the faster we will get the full version for everyone. Here’s a menu screenshot we made as a teaser and proof of life:

Screenshot by Prima Games

When Will Vampire Survivors be Fully Playable on Mobile (Android and iOS)?

At this moment, it is not known when poncle will have the full (stable, properly working) version of Vampire Survivors for Mobile (Android and iOS), but we promise to update this article when a public release is available. In the meantime, we ask you to go help out poncle by testing the hell out of the beta.

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How to Install and Play Vampire Survivors on Android and iOS? – Explained

Installing is not that complicated. Most instructions are ready on the Discord server that we have linked, but here are some basic steps as a reminder:

  1. Slothie has made a post in the General Announcements channel
  2. Within this post, there is a link to the Beta channel application
  3. When you find this post, you need to react to it with the Heart (Pummarola). At this moment, about 500 players have reacted, so you can just click it from your Discord client
  4. Upon being admitted into the beta channel, you will find detailed instructions in the pinned post. Due to potential flexibility and potential for changes, we’ll leave you to the rest.

In the meantime, have a look at the first Vampire Survivors DLC news that also dropped today.

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