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Will Vampire Survivors Release on Nintendo Switch? – Answered

Ideal game for Switch!

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors is the big indie scene hit of 2022. It emerged with great viral power, everyone and everyone’s grandmother streamed it, tens of thousands of people have caught the craziest rogue-lite addiction, and the developers (Poncle) have no will to stop pushing out new content, even after the full release of the game.

Vampire Survivors was the most popular game on Steam Deck for a while (and is still near the top), which begs the natural question of its unavailability on Nintendo Switch, the competitor’s hand-held console. Prima Games will let you know if Vampire Survivors will release on Nintendo Switch and when.

When Will Vampire Survivors be Available on Nintendo Switch? – Explained

We bet that Vampire Survivors would be a great game to play on Nintendo Switch. However, Poncle has not made any statements about it being released on the console any time soon. So far, it is on PC (and Steam Deck), and recently, Xbox Series X and S have gotten the chance to play as well.

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Currently, developers are doing a lot in the optimization department, namely, the engine update, so that the game can run more smoothly (if you’re asking why, you haven’t gotten far enough yet to experience the madness of not being able to see where you are going and what you are doing).

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Nintendo is probably somewhat strict about indie game publishing, but we do not have doubts that Vampire Survivors will reach Nintendo Switch eventually. We said the same about the consoles and here we are, with the Xbox release happening in late 2022.

If the game receives a release on Nintendo Switch, we will update this article. We hope to see you soon here at Prima Games!

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