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Can You Play FFXIV on Steam Deck? – Answered

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by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Can You Play FFXIV on Steam Deck – Answered

The idea of being able to play absolutely any PC game on Steam Deck is always exciting, but how realistic is it to play a complex MMO game like Final Fantasy XIV on a portable PC system? Well, it is possible – if you really want to. So, can you play Final Fantasy XIV on the Steam Deck?

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Can You Play FFXIV on Steam Deck?

Installing Final Fantasy XIV on default SteamOS used to be quite a difficult process for which there were guides with 20+ steps, but thanks to many fan-made tools, this installation process is much easier today. But first, this is what you can expect for Final Fantasy XIV performance on Steam Deck:

  • 40 to 60 fps
  • No issues with graphics and audio
  • 1280×800 resolution
  • 2 hours burn 100% of the battery

Controls can be configured without any problems, so make use of those extra track pads and back buttons, just be sure to save your UI settings. If all of this is acceptable to you, proceed to the installation.

How to Install FFXIV on Steam Deck?

Forget all those complicated outdated guides, all you need in 2023 is XIV Launcher. So the installation guide goes like this:

  • The fan-made XIV Launcher makes the complicated install process considerably more manageable.
  • Download it here, run the Setup.exe and follow the XIV Launchers’ instructions carefully.

Alternatively, you can boot Win10 on Steam Deck and install Final Fantasy XIV natively, but even then XIV Launcher can make things less complicated. XIV Launcher brings many other benefits such as auto-login, faster patch installation, rich Discord presence, chat filtering, etc.

When you follow all the XIV Launcher prompts and install Final Fantasy XIV on Steam Deck, make sure to set the graphics, resolution, and frame rate limit as we suggested at the beginning of the text, or experiment with the settings yourself. Good luck and have fun!

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