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Hogwarts Legacy Kill People

Many Harry Potter fans were excited as soon as they learned that the Unforgiving Curses would be present in Hogwarts Legacy. Curse showcases were all the hype when the game was finally out and are definitely one of the most enthralling elements of the game as a whole. And, of course, this includes the Avada Kedavra spell, known as the killing curse.

So that means that you, as a mere Hogwarts student, are capable of mass murdering while on the magical school grounds?

Can You Kill Characters in Hogwarts Legacy?

Avada Kedrava works just like in the books/movies, and it does kill your enemies. You have to go out of your way through a big sidequest before unlocking it alongside the other curses, but they are extremely overpowered and are very well worth your trouble.

But notice how I said it kills your enemies, and not characters. Your curses will have no effect if they hit important characters such as students or professors. These people don’t even bother if you use the curses nearby them. As we’ve previously talked about here on Prima, Hogwarts Legacy has no morality system, so you’re free to torture anyone as you want! 

No, really, there are literally no drawbacks to using the curses. They’re solely balanced by their longer cooldowns, which isn’t a big problem at all. But going back to legalized murder, you can do it with pretty much any regular enemy in the game, including humans. 

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The only exceptions are a couple of bosses that resist the curse due to story relevance. In some cases, their HP bar will still go down anyway, so they are technically killed for all gameplay effects.

The game could definitely bring some weight to the curses, especially after seeing how big of a deal they were in the source material. But this will probably be left for a possible sequel, if one of these ever comes to existence.

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