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Wait… Hogwarts Legacy has Torture in it?

Actually, it's called enhanced interrogation magic

by Grant Testa

Avalanche Software’s upcoming RPG Hogwarts Legacy is set to bring to the vibrant Wizarding World of Harry Potter to life, providing a variety of wholesome, fun activities for players. There’s exploring the iconic castle grounds of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learning spells in classes, frolicking with magical creatures, and… subjecting your enemies to torture?! Yes, you read that right folks, Hogwarts Legacy reportedly incorporates torture into its whimsical world of wizardry. Here is everything we know so far about enhanced interrogation magic in Hogwarts Legacy.

Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Abu Ghraib-acy… I mean Hogwarts Legacy will include each of the three “Unforgivable Curses” featured prominently in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter novel and film lore. These include the Imperius Curse, “Imperio,” used as a means of mind control, and the Killing Curse, “Avada Kedavra,” which can be wielded for some family-friendly, cold-blooded murder.

For you, the (potential) psycho reading this, mind control and murder are probably too mild. BOOORRRRIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!! You’ve been there, done that, and probably want a harder drug. Well don’t you worry your sociopathic mind, as Hogwarts Legacy has you covered with the inclusion of the Torture Curse, “Crucio,” which you can utilize for some… quality time with your foes. Based on the game’s lore, Crucio, otherwise known as the Cruciatis Curse is such a brutal spell that it has been known to drive victim witches and wizards insane from the sheer agony. It’s almost as painful as sitting through an entire screening of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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How Will Torture be Implemented in Hogwarts Legacy?

With Hogwarts Guantanamo Bay-gacy… apologies, I mean Hogwarts Legacy still weeks from launch, it remains unclear how torture will be used in the RPG. From the gameplay highlighted by the developers and media previews, it appears that Crucio is merely one spell in a large arsenal of magic. One minute you can be using the levitation charm “Wingardium Leviosa” to pick up a collectible and the next, you might use your trusty Crucio curse to bring an uppity house-elf down a peg. Hogwarts Legacy is truly going to be a great source of fun for the whole family!

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Hogwarts Legacy Morality

As has been reported by other outlets, Hogwarts Legacy will not have an underlying morality system commonly featured in similar open world games such as Fallout, Red Dead Redemption, etc. Some critics have argued that this could potentially allow Hogwarts Legacy players to commit heinous acts without any consequences. I completely and utterly disagree with this criticism. Introducing a “morality system” would kill my immersion when I create a torturer character. Why? Because in the real world there have been no consequences for some of the world’s worst perpetrators of torture, murder, and other human rights violations. So just let me create my Dick Cheney character build in peace! Is that too much to ask?!

Is it Wrong to Include Torture in Videogames?

All joking aside, the truth is that it is not necessarily wrong to include torture in videogames, or any other media for that matter. Also, it is not immoral to roleplay as an evil character and to commit devious acts in a videogame, as long as it is within the context of the game. Films, television, novels, and yes, videogames are works of art and should not be subject to censorship of any kind, but instead must be examined, interpreted, and discussed to ascertain the artists’ messages.

What actually matters is how torture is portrayed in media. For instance, forms of entertainment that realistically, responsibly present the reality of torture demonstrate it as a despicable, cruel, inhumane act used only by villains, cowards, and the insane. Irresponsible portrayals of torture show it as a tool used by desperate heroes against caricaturized enemies, who the protagonist must hurt first in an act of preemptive self defense. The latter does not remotely reflect reality.

Whichever method Avalanche Software ultimately chooses in its portrayal of torture should not lead the game to be censored or “canceled.” Hopefully Hogwarts Legacy will follow in the footsteps of its Harry Potter source material, which highlighted the evils of torture and emphasized the barbarity of the unforgivable curses used by Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Grant Testa

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