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Can you Hide your Helmet in Wild Hearts? – Answered

We love a good helmet-hider

by Lucas White
Character Customization Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is a “Hunting Game” as publisher EA and developer Omega Force have called it, which is way better in my estimation than something like “Monster Hunter-like.” But a big open world action RPG multiplayer grindfest means character customization, armor crafting, all kinds of stuff you can mess with. And the biggest question of all when a game comes out is, “can you hide your helmet?” So yeah, here’s how to hide your helmet in Wild Hearts.

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Can you Hide your Helmet in Wild Hearts? – Answered

Turns out not only is hiding your helmet in Wild Hearts a thing, there are multiple ways to do it and even some added nuance. Lemme tell ya, the character creation options in Wild Hearts are pretty sick. We’ll get to that in a second, but starting with the basics, here’s the first chance you get to play with your helmet. It’s right off the bat actually, when you first set up your look:

Yes, that’s also an option to hide your collar. Cool right? Once you get through here you’ll make your way through the tutorial stuff in Wild Hearts, and eventually you’ll get Natsume helping you out at camp. Speaking with her lets you play with your armor settings on demand. Here’s what that looks like:

One cool aspect of this is some helmets actually have multiple toggles? For example, in the screenshot above that helmet is like a hoodie gimmick; you can have it on, hide it completely or take the hood off without making it disappear. That’s actually really neat.

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So yeah, now you know not only whether or not you can hide your helmet in Wild Hearts, you also know how it works ahead of time. Cool beans.

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