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Is Wild Hearts like Monster Hunter? Differences and Similarities Explained

Okay but is it like Dark Souls too?

by Lucas White

Well, well, well. Howdy gamers, it’s time for another episode of answering questions we’re surprised to see people asking. This time we’re taking a look at Wild Hearts, the new EA Originals adventure developed by Omega Force (Dynasty Warriors). The question of the day is, “is Wild Hearts like Monster Hunter?” Which is kinda like asking if Fatal Fury is like Street Fighter, but it is what it is.

And yeah, it’s pretty safe to state definitively that Wild Hearts is absolutely like Monster Hunter. It’s also a lot like Toukiden, which is the series Omega Force made previously, which was also a lot like Monster Hunter. You run around huge areas, fight a giant monster, collect its body parts, make stuff, rinse and repeat. But of course there are differences, and I’ll go over the big ones I can talk about without violating sacred embargo law.

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Wild Hearts and Monster Hunter Differences Explained

The biggest difference is the Karakuri, which is really hard to explain even when I’m sitting here looking right at the game. Wild Hearts’ central gimmick is a mysterious power of creation, which you can use to make a wide range of objects appear out of thin air. You start with boxes that have a surprising range of utility, but soon are able to make things like springs and base-building items like crafting tables, campfires, so on and so forth. There’s a skill tree sort of structure to it as well.

Another major difference is agility. Overall, Wild Hearts is a more bombastic action game compared to the more deliberately cumbersome Monster Hunter. Even with the big, heavy weapons like the Nodachi, you can move while charging big blows and roll out of attack animations. It’s definitely an Omega Force game, although if you try to just mash buttons like you think you’re playing a Musou on Normal mode, you will eat shit.

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There are plenty of other differences, big and small, but I’m not here to write an instruction manual and you aren’t here to read one. If you’re a fan of Monster Hunter you will be able to speak the language and jump right into Wild Hearts with little issue. If you’re never played Monster Hunter and are interested but perhaps intimidated by the challenge, Wild Hearts is more forgiving in enough ways it’s worth giving a try.

Lucas White

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