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Is Wild Hearts Character Creation Good? – Answered

Certified "I spent more time creating my character than playing the game" moment

by Patrick Souza
Character Customization Wild Hearts

The more we want to play a game, the more time we also expect to spend at its character creation screen. We cannot hunt for those deadly Kemono in Wild Hearts with no style at all. And don’t say that armor will be covering the characters most of the time. There’s still a message to be delivered: that feracious beast was conquered by a stylish and beautiful fella. 

But before all that, we must first answer the question: can you actually give your character such good customization details in this game? Monster Hunter World had a nice load of options for players, and considering this is the game people will be comparing Wild Hearts to, they’ll be expecting it to be at least equal.

How Good is Wild Hearts Character Customization?

Let’s cut to the chase and just say that Wild Hearts’ customization is nothing less than amazing. You start choosing from a couple of different builds for a more masculine or feminine-looking body. That only gives something to start with, as no customization detail is locked behind any choice here.

With various options for facial details, body marks, and other traces, you can change almost everything you can imagine in your character. Different ethnic groups are represented through the face options, and you can further customize them in different ways, adding more details or making your character look older. Classical makeup and painting options are also present with plenty of silly details for you to go with.

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The hair options may be the lowest point as they somewhat lack some variety. Don’t get me wrong. They’re nowhere near bad, but some of the hairstyles just feel like a small variation from others to me. Not the most outrageous of downsides, though, as there are still lots of unique and interesting things to do here, and it’s hard to say you can make a bland, basic character here.

And there’s no shortage of body details, either. You change your height, musculature, head size, and many other details. Shoutout to Koei for being one of the few companies I’ve ever seen adding a butt slide to male-looking characters. Bring that cake into the battlefield!

Overall, character creation is a huge point of the game and is better than expected. You can definitely lose some hours making your perfect human being and still want to go back to change a few things later. Just as it should be.

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