Can You Delete a Character in Tower of Fantasy? – Answered

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Tower of Fantasy has a whole bunch of menus, options, buttons and menu option buttons. It isn’t very clear about what lives where, or if something is even possible to do. So it makes sense some players are wondering not just how to delete a character in Tower of Fantasy, or if it’s even possible in the first place. So yeah, if you’re wanting to delete a character you made because you made a mistake or something, can you do that?

Tower of Fantasy: Can You Delete Characters?

The answer, for the time being, seems to be no! Onboarding in Tower of Fantasy can be a little cumbersome, but if you decide you want to start over you’re going to have to do what we also recommend for a few other purposes. Choose a new server. If you pop over to a different server you can create a whole new character. This isn’t ideal, especially if you picked the server you started on for a specific reason. But for now, unless the developers change things later, that’s it.

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Tower of Fantasy is a brand new game, at least in terms of its global launch. There are plenty of bugs and other issues, and I’m sure that stuff will get ironed out over time. That could also be true for features like this, which simply don’t seem to exist at all. Weird, right? But hey, what can you expect from a game that has things like daily level limits? Welcome to free to play gaming in 2022, folks.

If you have other questions about Tower of Fantasy, we probably have (or will have) answers for you. Wondering about console port possibilities or ways to alter settings like motion blur? That and more can be found at Prima Games.

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