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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – All Collectibles

Find all of the collectibles in the Black Ops 3 campaign.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

This feature will tell you where to find every collectible item in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 campaign, broken down per mission. Unlike previous games in the series, this one features a random assortment of collectibles, the majority of which were seemingly inspired by different characters, pieces of equipment and the plot in general. If you choose to play with friends and intend to pick up these items, tell them in advance. Teleporting to the player furthest ahead will prevent you from backtracking should you miss something. 

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Mission 1: Black Ops 

NRC Comms Earpiece: At the start of the mission you crouch beneath plane wreckage and then enter a building. Proceed to the second floor and swipe the earpiece off the reception desk.

DUD RPG: While in the camera room (the place where you watch the Minister), you’ll see the DUD RPG on one of the walls. Search the dark corners.

Egyptian Army Cap: Go into the observation room and take the cap from the shelf.

Replica Nano Drone: Destroy all of the VTOL in the hangar, then search for a room on the bottom floor. Go inside and towards the back to find the drone sitting on a shelf.

VTOL Panel: Don’t hop aboard the APC yet! Instead, go to the other end of the room and take the VTOL Panel from the shelf.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Mission 2: New World 

Defective Robot Hand: Blow up the generator and use the side entrance to go inside the big room; as opposed to following Diaz.  Search for a tipped over VAT and search for the hand within the junk.

Bomb Detonator Cap: Ascend the escalator and look for this item on the ground.

Model Maglev Train: When the robots push the subway car, go down to the basement and collect this train from the shelf.

Premium Liquor: Approach the bar with the first robot and snag the bottle.

Train Pass: When the robot attacks your character while on the train, look for some steps that’ll take you to another level. Walk up the stairs and to the back and you’ll find the Train Pass on one of the seats.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Mission 3: In Darkness 

Broken Respirator: Following the first Warlord battle, remain on the first floor and enter the room to the right; there are wooden drawers inside. The respirator is on a shelf. 

Urn with Incense Sticks: You’ll need to step into the river and then take it around the building. Be on the lookout for an area you can jump on to the left, and you’ll see the sticks by the building. 

Child’s Toy: Don’t follow Hendricks yet. Search for a damaged park bench and pick up the toy dump truck.

Warlord Helmet: When you enter the police station, remain in the large area and proceed to the room in the back. You’ll find the helmet inside of a closet. 

Fu Dog Figurine: Leave the office building before switching on the Comms Relay. Now that you’re facing the direction from which you came, go right and then up the steps. When you reach the top, use a sprint jump to leap onto the opposite building. Steer clear of the hole and go to the top floor. Head into the second room and take the Fu Dog off the shelf. 

Therapy Session Recording: Hendricks will talk about a blown up door and then your guys move up the steps. Go into the room and then move left to find this recording on a desk.

Call of Duty Black Ops Mission 4: Provocation 

Gangsta Bling: Leave the bar and go into the open garage to the right. 

Supertree Souvenir: Kill the Warlord and then search the market. This collectible is on a table. 

DUD Slave Collar: Leap across the ravine, then enter the building to the left. Go to the second floor and swipe the collar from the table. 

Antique Vase: Slaughter the Warlord but stay in the area. Approach the locked doors and turn right. Go through the crates and be on the lookout for a blue crate on the next level. The vase is next to the blue crate. 

Mineral: Head to the top floor of the Bio Dome. Someone put the mineral inside of a display case.

Bullet Shell Necklace: Proceed to Tree 5 via Tree 4. The necklace rests on top of a crate.

Call of Duty Black Ops Mission 5: Hypocenter 

54i Data-Pad: Before firing upon the village, go up the path into the jungle. There’s a tent and some crates. The data-pad is on one of the crates.

Contamination Test Kit: Go into the Coalescence building and travel down the hallway on the left. You’ll find the test kit all the way at the end on a metal table. 

Coalescence Marketing Material: When things go dark, look for this item on a coffee table near a couch. 

Bio-Containment Canister: After finding the CIA symbol in the office, go to the wall with the SP/CORVUS symbol and take the canister off the wall. 

E-Ink White Board: Watch a particular cut scene and then go to the back of the room to see this collectible board. 

Prototype DNI Implant: Eventually you come to a dark room where robots appear from the water. Move past this room and go into the room on the right. You’ll need to be close to the DNI Implant for the icon to appear.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 6 – Vengeance 

Damaged Optical Camo Cloak: At the start of the mission, let Hendricks move forward while you snoop around the alleyways. Go left and then left again. Move to the end of the alley and you’ll see this item near a doorway. 

RCXD Bomb Sniffer Robot: Following the battle against the tank, walk through the broken the wall the tank came from. Go to the pool of water on the left and pick up the robot.

Dragon Necklace: Head into the burning room, kill the robots and pick up the necklace off the coffee table.

Bio-Luminescent Orchid: Go into the Temple and move towards the rear. The flower is on the right, mixed in with other flowers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 7- Rise & Fall 

NRC Helmet: Following the interrogation cut scene, rummage through the desk to locate the helmet. 

Broken Stained Glass: Kill everyone in the first war room, then go up the escalator and be on the lookout for some servers.  Go to the rear of these servers and take the glass off the desk. 

Defiled NRC Propaganda Poster: Go through the makeshift wall and then the door all the way to the left. Now turn left and inspect the wall to find the poster. 

Military Officer’s Sword: Before heading to Safiya Square, stay on the upper right path, remain inside of the buildings and go to the end. You’ll track down the sword on the second floor. It’s on a bookcase. 

Piece of Broken Statue: When you enter the circular room made of wood, head right and pick up the statue off the coffee table. Do this before helping Hendricks. 

Etched Glass Bottle: The bottle is on a couch towards the end of the mission.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Mission 8 – Demon Within 

Shell Casing: When you reach the Mobile Armory, you’ll find the shell casing inside of a sandbag bunker. 

Field Radio: After making it past the MG42 nests, go to the one on the left to find this item atop a crate.

Field Binoculars: Head to the Dire Wolf camp. After dealing with the wolves, go left to discover the binoculars on a crate. 

Russian Field Compass: Go into the tall farmhouse and then walk to the second floor. The compass is on a crate, but beware of the soldier upstairs.

Russian Hat: There’s a point where you walk towards a blue light. Before doing this, turn around and go into the tiny home on the right. The hat is on a desk. 

Gramophone Record: Explore the bombed out home, specifically the room in the back. Pick up the record from the bookcase.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 9 – Sand Castle 

Postcard: Go to the first landing area, but don’t use the Access Panel yet. Go down one flight of steps and you’ll discover the postcard on a desk.

Industrial Drill Bit: When you get to the second landing area, head left and you’ll see this drill bit lying on the ground near a stack of metal bars.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 10 – Lotus Towers

HAMSA: Get off the mobile platform and walk into the first shop on the left. This artwork is on a wall. 

Taylor’s Insignia: Hack the console and then pick up the insignia from one of the lockers. 

Hookah: There’s an area that overlooks the spot where you hack the mech. Go to the second floor and swipe the hookah from a desk by the back window.

Wall Hung Carpet: At some point, Hendricks says, “Kane, we’re pursuing Taylor into tower two.”  Immediately turn around to face the way you entered and note the upper walkway. Walk through the rubble and inspect the air conditioners for the carpet. 

Decorative Lantern: While exploring destroyed Cairo, go into the red-colored room where the Talon drones appear. 

Melted Robot Part: During the battle against the Mothership, explore the destroyed computer rooms to find the robot part.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 11 – Life 

Coalescence Promo Poster: At the start of this mission, turn around and go to the café.  The poster is on one of the walls. 

Prototype Robot Part: Do not hack the console yet! Go the last room and take the robot part off the desk. 

Fulgarite: Search for a building with two triangle-shaped buildings. In front of it is a ruin you must ascend. Go to the rear and search for something you can climb. Now go outside, sprint and then jump to the balcony. Climb onto the roof and you see this item. 

Raven Feather: When you’re in the Coalescence building, and right before you leave, go into the second room and search the reception desk for the feather.

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