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Borderlands 3 Rare Chest Event February 2020 – What You Need to Know

by Ginny Woo

If you’re after something new to do and you reckon that you’ve had your fill of the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite and the recent Farming Frenzy in Borderlands 3, then you’re in luck! With the arrival of the latest hotfix for the game, there’s also been the implementation of a new Borderlands 3 Rare Chest event called Rare Chest Riches. Here’s everything that we know about it so far. 

Borderlands 3 Rare Chest Event February 2020

According to the official Borderlands 3 website, the Rare Chest Riches event is going to run from January 30 to February 13. This will give you about two weeks to crack into everything that it has to offer, and it’s officially live once the most recent hotfix applied to Borderlands 3 has been pushed through. 

Vault Hunters are going to be once again glued to their screens when the Borderlands 3 Rare Chest event kicks off. We can look forward to the rarity of loot inside all Rare Chests being improved, which means that we could start getting lucky with Legendaries. 

If you’re someone who likes to watch other people play Borderlands, then you’re in luck. You probably already have the ECHOcast Twitch extension enabled, but if not, we have a guide on how to do that too. The point is, if you have ECHOcast installed and enabled and you’re watching a Twitch streamer with it playing Borderlands 3, them opening a Rare Chest will give you a 25% chance in getting one of the items that they’ve found. Neat, huh? These rewards will be in your in-game mailbox whenever you decide to log on. Talk about having plenty of ways to get loot!

Now that you’ve got our guide to the Borderlands 3 Rare Chest event that’s gonna be kicking off for the next fortnight, preparing for it should be a whole lot easier. Need help with something else about being a Vault Hunter? We’ve got some other tips and tricks prepared if jetting around Pandora and the wider galaxy is something that you need to do: