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ECHOcast Borderlands 3 Guide – How to Install

by Ginny Woo

If you’re wanting to make the most of this week’s Borderlands 3 Mayhem on Twitch event, then you’re going to need to have a few things set up first. We’re not talking about decorating your home with the skulls of Psychos, unfortunately. There’s some extra features coming to streamers this week, so if you fall under that umbrella, check out our ECHOcast Borderlands 3 guide on installing this extension and how to use it for this event.

ECHOcast Borderlands 3 Guide – What Is It

First things first, a little explanation. ECHOcast is a Twitch extension that basically gets your Borderlands 3 account and your Twitch one do a cute lil’ handshake. What that means for you in terms of, well, relevant information is that linking both accounts will let you get loot when you’re watching streamers play Borderlands 3. Neat, huh? If you’re particularly enthusiastic about some cool build that your fav entertainer’s rocking, then the ECHOcast will let you check out what abilities and items they’re using so you can try it yourself at home. 

Let’s be honest. Sure, it’s nice to see what items someone else is rocking but using the ECHOcast is primarily going to be about obtaining loot, which is part and parcel of the rare chest event that’s going on right now. We’ll make sure that we cover off any extra steps needed to get that bit up and running.

ECHOcast Borderlands 3 Guide – How to Install

There are a number of steps that you’re going to need to take, but we’ll break them down so that they’re easy.

Set up a SHIFT account here because you’ll need it for code redemption. 

Make sure that you’ve got a Twitch account, and if not then you can sign up here 

Link your Twitch account by navigating to your SHIFT profile and the clearly indicated Twitch section where you’ll be prompted to Sign In

Go to Twitch and use this link to install your ECHOcast extension 

Once you have this installed, tuning in to any Borderlands 3 stream (in theatre view or fullscreen) should allow you to toggle ECHOcast. As long as you’re watching that stream with ECHOcast on, a streamer opening a rare loot chest will prompt an event, which you have to choose to participate in. It’s a bit like a loot lottery for the viewers, but if you win, then you get to pick the item from said loot chest that you want, which will be sent to your SHIFT account. From there, it’s a matter of redeeming the item in-game. 

Now that you’ve got our ECHOcast Borderlands 3 guide in hand, setting it up and participating in the ongoing rare loot chests event should be a piece of cake. Need a hand with anything else on Pandora? Check out our guide on the Try-Bolt weapon.

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