Borderlands 3 Eridian Writing Pandora Locations Guide

Trying to figure out what the deal is with the Borderlands 3 Eridian Writing Pandora locations? We'll help you scoop up some Eridium if you can read a map.

Not feeling quite up to the Farming Frenzy event that’s just been absolutely popping off in Borderlands 3? Hey, we get it. Rare spawn hunting isn’t always all that it’s cracked up to be, especially if all you’ve been doing is chasing loot for the past few months. Why not take a break to enrich your stores with that good purple stuff? Here’s our Borderlands 3 Eridian Writing Pandora locations guide if you’re wanting to get some excavation. 

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Borderlands 3 Eridian Writing Pandora Locations Guide

For those who aren’t sure what finding Eridian Writing will give you in Borderlands 3, well, we’ll break it down for you. You’ll actually get 25 Eridium for every piece of Eridian Writing that you happen upon in the world, so you’ll be able to go on a veritable spending spree with Crazy Earl on things like cosmetics and loot if you choose to. We’ve organized the Eridian Writing Pandora locations alphabetically just to keep things tidy for you:

  • Ascension Bluff Eridian Writing – Start out from the Catch-A-Ride at the northern tip of the map and scale the bandit camp nearby. Head onto the road behind the camp from the roof and you’ll get to an area that looks like a walled-off cliff that will have the Eridian Writing. 
  • Carnivora Eridian Writing – To find the Eridian Writing here, head to the eastern bit of the plain and stick to the valley wall while you’re in your ride to spot this orange tag.
  • Cathedral of the Twin Gods Eridian Writing – On the way to the Cathedral, you’re going to run into a door that is just barely open. Pop out of your Catch-A-Ride and slip under, heading through another hole and then up onto an overhang before heading to the back of the tunnel to find the Eridian Writing.
  • Destroyer’s Rift Eridian Writing – When you pop into the Rift to go toe to toe with Tyreen, take a bit of a detour and look for a visible break in the construction. Head through this hole and follow the path til you find the Writing.
  • Devil’s Razor Eridian Writing – There’s Eridian Writing not far from the Catch-A-Ride by Roland’s Rest, you just have to keep your eye on the leftmost edge of the valley and follow the wall. You can find the next piece of Eridian Writing by heading west instead of east and also following the wall until you reach a series of drops and a cave, which will hold the Writing. 
  • The Droughts Eridian Writing – One bit of Eridian Writing is in Varkid Valley, which you’ll spot if you’re heading there from the Fast Travel station and keeping an eye out for a cave en route. Another piece of Eridian Writing is on the bottom-most level of Tannis’ camp and also in a cave. 
  • Konrad’s Hold Eridian Writing – You have to already be on the Demon in the Dark mission to get this piece of Eridian Writing. The quest will bring you to a room with an Echo log which will have the Writing in it as well. 
  • The Splinterlands Eridian Writing – Start out from the Chop Shop Fast Travel and head directly north to the closest billboard. There’s a cave directly opposite which contains the Eridian Writing.

Now that you’ve got our Borderlands 3 Eridian Writing Pandora locations guide to hand, finding these little scribbles and netting yourself some valuable Eridium should be a piece of cake as long as you can follow directions. Need a hand with anything else about being a Vault Hunter? Why not check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for your convenience?

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